Christina Lam

BSc in Health Sciences

Aspiring to help young people with their mental health, Christina Lam plans to apply the interdisciplinary teachings in her undergraduate degree towards her future.

Christina Lam joined FHS due to her fascination of the intersections between sciences and social sciences in the Bachelor of Science degree. Aside from appreciating the unique interdisciplinary aspects of the program, she also values wanting to connect deeper with people by minoring in Psychology and Indigenous Studies.

"With Psychology, the mind and behaviour have always fascinated me, and this field is so deeply connected to people and our lives,” she says. “There is so much to learn in Indigenous studies -- culture, policy, literature, history-- and I am incredibly honoured to do this learning as a settler living, learning, and working on unceded lands.”

Within her first few years of her degree, Lam has gotten involved with the Student Health Advisory Committee, SFU Public Square, and many other volunteer roles. She is passionate about mental health, particularly among young people, with a hope to work in the mental health field either as a researcher or clinician.

“I also have strong interests in accessibility to healthcare and the various social, cultural, and other determinants of health that impact people’s ability to lead healthy lives,” she explains. “I believe that my health sciences education will provide me with essential skills and knowledge that will help me explore these topics further.”

She advises students to prioritize their own wellness, and invest their time into activities that they enjoy.

“The most fulfilling experiences will come from living up to your own expectations of who you want to be and what you want to do. It is easy to become caught up in the busy life of a student, but striving to maintain a good physical and mental wellbeing will be far more important and beneficial in the long run.”