Evan Barad

BSc in Health Sciences

A love for understanding the past and using that knowledge to better the future has been Evan Barad’s motivators throughout his undergraduate experience to engage his community.

With a passion for history, 4th year Faculty of Health Sciences student Evan Barad has been a big believer in understanding the past to find knowledge on how to do better for the future. He began his SFU academic journey as a History major but was looking to utilize his understanding of the past differently. Upon talking to an advisor and taking HSCI 130 with Dr. Rochelle Tucker, Barad realized health sciences allowed him to understand how health research and the healthcare system have changed from past to present.

“This aspect of HSCI is what excites me; utilizing current health research and advancements can allow us to help treat current and chronic illnesses. This is especially important to me as I’ve had close family members with chronic illness,” he explains. “Using methods and models for past illnesses can be beneficial in understanding how to tackle modern-day health problems and newly arising conditions. I have also appreciated learning about how health is multi-dimensional, and how numerous factors can contribute to health.”

Barad engaged with the undergraduate student community in several ways, including working as a group leader for SFU’s Welcome Day, and as a peer mentor with the FHS Health Peers. Reflecting on what experiences stood out to him, he credits his professors and classmates for empowering him to learn about the different aspects of health research and the potential research opportunities at SFU.

“I’ve found many like-minded individuals in FHS who have helped me get to the place I am today, and it was a gratifying experience to help and give back to the SFU community and all those people who welcomed me when I started university,” he explains. “I’ve made many great friendships with both students and faculty, and the experiences, connections and friends I’ve made during my time at SFU are my favourite part of my university experience.”

Barad is currently working towards completing an Honours program, paired with an Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA), with the focus of looking into immunology due to his interest in public and personal health. He advises students to ensure they find a balance between academics and personal wellbeing, as he stresses the importance of making time for yourself.

“Mental health is extremely important, and you need to take time for yourself to relax and recharge. Perhaps join one of the many clubs that SFU has! Personally, I have done martial arts for the last 11 years, I am a third-degree black belt and use my training as an outlet for stress and to help keep me focused.