Yuan-Qin Leong

BSc in Health Sciences

An interest in health, a co-op placement, and working with knowledgeable peers helped Yuan-Qin have a sense of belonging in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Being interested in the health of others, and being open to listening to different people are the reasons why Yuan-Qin applied for a BSc in Health Sciences. Throughout her undergrad experience, she worked with insightful classmates that helped develop both her collaboration and presentation skills.

“I always found that the students in the Faculty of Health Sciences were very friendly and approachable. During my undergrad experience, I had to complete many group projects, especially in senior seminar classes. My peers were very knowledgeable and open to different opinions which led to me feeling a sense of belonging.”

Taking the opportunity to do a co-op placement with The ScoliClinic, she found a love for providing a positive impact on the health of people living with scoliosis. Upon her graduation, she was hired as their Operations Coordinator. Pairing the knowledge of how to conduct studies from her upper-level seminar courses, with her Minor in Business Administration, helps her continue to excel in her current role. “I am so grateful to work with the team of physiotherapists at the clinic who have a strong presence in advocating in the conservative management for scoliosis, as well as collect data to enhance the current research on scoliosis.”

She initially started her SFU degree in the School of Criminology but switched into the Faculty of Health Sciences upon taking some introductory HSCI classes and finding her passion and interest in working on health-related projects.

As for advice she would give to students, she says, “take the time to explore different courses from different faculties if you don’t completely have a grasp on what you want to pursue, and don’t pass on the opportunity to do a co-op placement.”