General Information

This section contains general information and resources related to the procurement of goods and services at SFU but that are not specific to Procurement Services. This includes topics such as the non-resident holding tax, PST, GST, and other topics.




Accounts Payable

Vendor/Supplier payment processing

Non Resident Withholding Tax:

Risks and Responsibilities

Policy (Regulation 105)

Information about non-resident withholding tax and compliance. Services provided by non-residents in Canada are subject to Regulation 105 Withholding Tax. Every payer, including a non-resident payer, who makes a payment of fees, commissions, or other amounts paid or allocated to a non-resident person in respect of services provided in Canada must withhold 15% and remit the amount in accordance with the requirements under the Canadian Income Tax Act. Please click the links for full details on the risks and your responsibilities, as well as an overview of the University's policy.

PST Information

BC Provincial Sales Tax information

GST Information

Federal Goods and Services Tax information

Procurement Records Management

The management and retention of records is the responsibility of SFU Archives. For a complete overview and guidelines, please click follow link.


FAST is the web based tool for financial inquiry and reporting for SFU. FAST provides summarized and detailed information on budget, actual and encumbrance transactions through a series of drilldown screens. FAST also provides access to scanned vendor invoices and employee expense claims, payment details, and journal entry information

For more, please see the FAST Guide (PDF) and FAQs 

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