Direct Purchases and Agreements

  • Direct purchases are permitted for the procurement of goods and services at SFU provided they meet the following criteria:
  • Purchases under $10,000 (CDN, including all freight and taxes)
  • Purchases do not include:
    • Capital assets, including furniture and computers;
    • International goods that requires customs compliance over $2,500 (CDN, including all freight and taxes) ;
    • Dangerous goods (requires special permits);
    • Intellectual property/assets;
    • When vendor requires a PO/contract.

When making direct purchases:

  • You may not purchase computers, furniture, or other capital assets as a direct purchase and submit a travel and expense claim for reimbursement;
  • You may not use a CCard to purchase computers;
  • You may not use a CCard for Research Accounting purchases;
  • You may not split an order into multiple small orders to avoid the $10,000 limit;
  • You may not make an unauthorized purchase and then ask Procurement Services to create the appropriate documents after-the-fact;

For low-value self-service contracts, the following requirements include:

  • Not to be used to hire temporary employees;
  • Not to be used to create intellectual assets;
  • The user is responsible for the clarity of the information, including the deliverables and financial terms;
  • The user must verify contractor's insurance, WCB status, and withholding tax status.
  • All contract documents must have two signed original copies:
    • One fully executed copy retained by SFU;
    • One fully executed copy retained by Contractor;
    • Send a copy of the fully executed agreement to Procurement.

How to make a direct purchase

If your purchase meets the criteria as noted above you may make a direct purchase through the following means:

Goods options:

  • Use your CCard.(Fund 11 or 13 purchases only. CCard use is not permitted for Research purchases.) (Need a CCard? Find out how to get one...)
  • Have the vendor invoice Payment Services directly.
  • Pay with personal funds, and submit an expense claim using the Business and Travel Expense form.

Services options:

Short Form Services Agreement

Employment Relationship Checklist



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