SFU awarded rebate for energy reduction projects

May 30, 2018

As part of its commitment to reducing energy waste at Burnaby Campus, Facilities Services staff have been hard at work on a number of energy management and reduction programs. With a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 33% by 2020, Bernard Chan, Energy Manager, and his team at Facilities Services have implemented several projects around Burnaby Campus that are starting to show their value.

“For over 40-years, energy management has been an institutional priority for the
University,” says Chan. “It’s our turn to build on those strong foundations by encouraging the development of energy efficiency technologies and continuously develop new energy conservation initiatives.”

Central to SFU’s energy management program has been strategic partnerships. Since 2011, FortisBC has been supporting a number of natural gas reduction programs on Burnaby Campus through their financial incentive programs which recently resulted in a rebate payment of $87,000.

“Rebates can reduce the cost of making a more energy-efficient choice when building, upgrading appliances or renovating,” says Vladimir Kostka, Major Commercial Key Account Manager at FortisBC. “Being aware of your energy use and using it efficiently reduces cost, enhances the quality of your home or business space and helps preserve our natural resources. In this way, we’re happy to work with Simon Fraser University to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions on campus.”

Chan says the money will be re-invested into ongoing projects including the installation of CO2 sensors in lecture theatres and classrooms. The small sensors continuously monitor CO2 levels and allow the room to automatically optimize ventilation levels according to occupancy. In other words, if the room isn’t occupied, Chan says, ventilation will automatically be reduced to save energy. “The cumulative effect of this and other programs is that annual gas consumption on campus is reduced by about 4000 GJ, the equivalent of 40 households.”

For more information on SFU’s Energy Management Plan please visit Facilities Services’ Energy conservation page.