Step 1. Review Vault migration option

Migration options available for departments & teams

The first step of your migration process is to determine your migration location. Here are the options available for departments & teams:


Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) is a collaboration app that brings together Microsoft 365 apps and services (such as Word, Excel, and OneDrive) with communications features to keep you connected with others.

Note: Available to faculty, staff and graduate students. Currently not available for classes or student-use.

When is it best used for?

  • You need to store and share files with a team on MS Teams (e.g., your department/unit, project team or ad-hoc working group)
  • You require a document repository for your team to co-author or collaborate in the creation and maintenance of documents.

Network Drive

Shared or Network Drive (also known as a “Department Drive” or Y-Drive) is a file storage space on the SFU campus network. Network drives act just like a disk drive on your computer (e.g., the C:/ drive) but can be shared between many people. 

Note: Only accessible while connected to the SFU campus network. This service is limited to specific departments, please contact your department IT support staff for availability within your department.

When is it best used for?

  • You must store your files on the SFU campus network.
  • You require high performance access to files, such as databases and media files.
  • You need to store files that are used in or linked to unique systems and workflows.

SharePoint is a collaborative platform for SFU departments and groups to share and manage content. With SharePoint, you can create private websites, store/share files and documents and use a variety of SharePoint apps to manage your content.

Note: While SharePoint was historically used for intranets, we recommend considering MS Teams for collaboration-focused spaces. SharePoint is ideal for workflows and large group to “broadcast” communication.

When is it best used for?

  • You need a private (non-public) website to store content and files for collaboration.
  • You need to organize and present your content on a customized site page.
  • You need automated document workflows.

SFU Cloud is a private cloud service hosted in the SFU Data Centre that provides secure and resizable computer infrastructure to support teaching, learning, research, and university operations.

Note: Only available upon request. Additional fees may apply.

When is it best used for?

  • You need to set up your own virtual application servers.
  • You need dedicated and ongoing support/expertise in running and maintaining virtual servers that require reliable server infrastructure.