Human Resources Management

Be the backbone of a great work environment

Great human resources managers are so much more than administrators. The success or failure of an organization often depends on them because they're responsible for an organization's greatest asset: the employees. Organizations look to their HR staff to develop talent, craft personnel policies, and manage change.

Grad Vicky shares how the program helped her transition into a more strategic HR career

Human Resources Management Certificate

Our part-time HR Management Certificate will teach you the essentials of effective HR management to prepare you for a rewarding career. You can complete the certificate in class or online.  

Human resources management courses (available individually)

If you're not ready to apply to the Human Resources Management Certificate, you're welcome to take HR management courses one at a time.  

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Kathryn Taft discusses learning HR through current events.

Ryan Anderson talks about providing students with practical management training they can apply immediately. 

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