Dean's Student Advisory Council

The FCAT Dean’s Student Advisory Council is made up of a mixture of students from across the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology's schools and programs. The Council regularly meets with the Dean of FCAT to discuss a broad range of topics, including the student experience at SFU; student activities; university policies; Indigenization; and, equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

Current Dean's Student Advisory Council Members

Sam Barnett

Sam Barnett is a Master’s student in the Homewares Lab, at the School of Interactive Arts & Technology, where he also completed his undergraduate degree. His research involves working with high school students to imagine positive futures of the data economy, and exploring the potential socio-technical infrastructures of a human-centric data economy.

Eugenia Chan

Eugenia Chan is a fourth-year student majoring in communication and minoring in publishing. During her time at SFU, Eugenia has been a HIVE Welcome Leader, Student Ambassador, and Co-op student. She looks forward to applying her experiences gained at SFU to the professional world. 

Genevieve Cheng

Genevieve (Gen) Cheng has a BA in Communication and Publishing from SFU and is a current MA student at the School of Communication, joining the first cohort of the new Communication Research for Social Change project program.

Sophia Humphries

Sophia Humphries is a third year Communication student with a minor in legal studies.

Isabelle Louie

Isabelle Louie is in her final year at SFU, completing a joint major in Interactive Arts and Technology and Business, with concentrations in design and marketing. She has been a part of the FCAT Dean’s Student Advisory Council since 2021, and served as the Director of Web and Social Media for the Interactive Arts and Technology Student Union (IATSU) from 2020-2021.

Tori Nguyen

Tori Nguyen is a senior Communication student at SFU with a passion for academic excellence and driving positive change that fuels her excitement to be part of this impactful student council. She is eager to contribute to creating an inclusive and innovative environment for all students.

Melody Ren

Melody Ren is an international student majoring in Interactive Art and Technology at Simon Fraser University and an intern at Bombardier UX design team. As an International Student Representative for the DSAC of FCAT, Melody provides feedback, advise on curriculum changes, and enhance communication between international students and faculty.

Angela Shen

Angela Shen is a 3rd year communications student currently working in a Co-op position at Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services Society (VACFSS), an Indigenous-led child and families services non-profit. She feels honored to hear the voices of other students of the advisory council and be able to share ideas based on her experiences as a student at SFU. 

Olivia Steed

Olivia Steed is a fourth-year Interactive Arts and Technology major concentrating in design. She is interested in the intersection of psychology and design, and hopes to increase wellbeing through understandable and engaging educational experiences.

Melanie Vidakis

Melanie Vidakis is a master’s student in the School of Communication. She is researching digital citizenship. She is a graduate facilitator at the Media and Maker Commons at the WAC Bennett Library.

Clara Xu

Clara Xu is a 3rd year Dance major at SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts, hoping to pursue a minor in Interactive Arts and Teachnology. She is a dance artist, choreographer, pianist, and ensemble musician, doodler, and writer. 

Leslie Zeng

Leslie Zeng is a third year Communication major who values having the opportunity and resources to study what she is passionate about. As member of DSAC, she hopes to improve student life at SFU and contribute to a healthy student environment.