Undergraduate programs

Undergraduate programs in FCAT provide our students with the opportunity to study across disciplines not only within our faculty but the wider university. This access to a diverse academic environment gives students the critical thinking, creative, and collaborative tools they need to succeed, whether in communications, art or design. Learn more about our undergraduate opportunities below.


School of Communication

The School of Communication (CMNS) offers a dynamic, interdisciplinary examination of the ways in which media messages, institutions and technologies operate within a wide range of social and cultural contexts.


  • Media and Culture
  • Technology and Society
  • Political Economy and Policy

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School of Interactive Arts & Technology

The School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT) invites students to explore ideas where technology and art meet. Students acquire deep understandings of digital interactive media, knowledge management and human computer interaction in sophisticated labs and instructional facilities, led by an accomplished faculty.


  • Interactive Systems
  • Media Arts
  • Design

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School for the Contemporary Arts

The School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA) develops creative artists and scholars who are equipped to excel in an ever-changing world. Studio classes in dance, film, music, theatre and visual art are taught by practicing artists.


  • Dance
  • Film
  • Music Composition (Acoustic & Electroacoustic)
  • Theatre (Performance & Production and Design)
  • Visual Art
  • Visual Cultural & Performance Studies

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Programs, pathways and special courses

Publishing Program

Integrating advanced industry practice with insights gained from applied research, the Publishing Program challenges students with dynamic seminar courses and intensive simulation projects.

  • Minor in Print and Digital Publishing

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FCAT BA Double Minor Program

The BA Double Minor Program is for students wishing to acquire knowledge in two program areas for their BA degree. However, instead of pursing a major or a joint major program, they purse two extended minors, an extended minor and a minor, or two minors, where at least one of the program areas live within the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT).

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Certificate in Creative Technologies in Digital Journalism

This certificate introduces students to diverse forms of public communication while drawing on journalistic traditions that are being transformed by digital platforms and data driven communication. Students with this certificate will gain interdisciplinary, international experience in the field and have a unique qualification to be ready to enter the rapidly changing world of digital journalism. 

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Semester in Alternate Realities

Semester in Alternate Realities proposes a unique educational experience meant to inspire interdisciplinary teams to solve a real-world problem exploring technologies currently referred to as xR (ranging from Virtual reality (VR) to Augmented (AR) and Mixed reality (MR)).

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Fraser International College

The partnershp of SFU and Fraser International College (FIC) offers international students a unique pathway to an undergraduate degree at SFU.

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