FCAT Connects

With our schools and programs spread across all of SFU’s campuses, it can be harder to connect with both guests and our faculty, staff and students. FCAT Connects is a project aimed at overcoming this challenge of distance separation by allowing people to easily come to our various campus locations through cutting-edge technology.

Telepresence Robots

FCAT has telepresence robots called Doubles that allow remote users to connect in, drive around, see and hear things at the remote location, and talk with those near them. They are two-wheeled video conferencing systems where you have a remote ‘body’ and use a video call to connect. 

FCAT’s telepresence robots can be found at the following locations:

  1. Vancouver in FCAT's Harbour Centre offices
  2. Burnaby in the FCAT Office of the Dean (TASC 2)
  3. Surrey in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology (SIAT)

If you would like to connect in and use a teleprescence robot:

  1. Email fcatdean@sfu.ca to get set up.
  2. Learn how to drive a Double telepresence robot.
  3. Read some additional instructions.