Episode 3: Mastering the Art of Publishing with Jazmin Welch

January 18, 2023
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FCAT student Genevieve Cheng speaks with Jazmin Welch, a production manager for Arsenal Pulp Press and business owner of her own book design company Fleck Creative Studio, about all things Masters of Publishing.

From taking pictures of hats to landing her dream job at a Vancouver press – Jazmin’s journey from the fashion world to book design is one of a kind!

FCAT After School is a podcast project from SFU’s Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology. Current students sit down with alumni to explore their career journeys since graduation and gathering advice for the next generation.

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Guest Bio:

Jazmin Welch is the production manager at Arsenal Pulp Press and the owner of fleck creative studio, a book design studio based in Hamilton, Ontario that focuses on a collaborative and intentional approach to publishing. Jaz loves creating artful and meaningful design solutions while fostering strong connections between authors and their readers. She holds a Bachelor of Design (Ryerson University) and Master of Publishing (Simon Fraser University). Jaz is a dog mom with a love of fresh ocean air.

Instagram: @fleckcreative
Website: www.fleckcreativestudio.com
Twitter: @jazminwelch

Host Bio:

Genevieve (Gen) Cheng is a fifth and final year Communication major and Publishing minor who loves to blog about sports, take in new movies at local theatres, and is currently occupied leash training her new kitten.

Instagram: @gen.cheng

Additional Resources and Mentions

Quill & Quire Job Board – quillandquire.com/jobs/

Episode Produced by Genevieve Cheng and Stacey Copeland

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