FCAT Undergraduate Travel Award

The Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology (FCAT) is pleased to support student activity off-campus as it relates to the FCAT program, student development, and the promotion of student activities. Students are eligible for travel support to a maximum of $400 per student. Students are also encouraged to seek funding from other sources, including home departments.

Funds will not be granted to students seeking support for non-academic events (ex. Athletic trips).

Terms of Reference

1. The FCAT Undergraduate Travel Award offers an award of up to $400 to support student travel as it relates to academic development off-campus.

2. To be eligible to apply, students must be in good academic standing and declared as a major in an FCAT program. Applicants must also be enrolled as a full-time, regular SFU student.

3. To apply for funds, applicants must submit: 

  • A statement of request outlining the student’s role in the event, for which travel funding is being requested.
  • A statement of support from a faculty member or instructor who is familiar with the student’s work in relation to the FCAT Undergraduate Funding application. This statement should be approximately 400 words.
  • An artist’s statement or abstract, outlining the paper, project or show, etc. the student will present.
  • An estimate of costs associated with travel and activities. Eligible expenses include travel, accommodation, conference registration and meals.
  • Proof of conference presentation, festival admission, etc. 

4. Applications for the FCAT Undergraduate Travel Award must be submitted to the FCAT Director of Student Affairs before the deadlines below:

  • August 15
  • November 15
  • March 9

5. Students must submit original, itemized and dated receipts to receive their travel support. Credit card statements are not acceptable. Original receipts will not be returned.

6. Applications will be reviewed by the FCAT Undergraduate Curriculum Committee before final award decisions are made by an adjudication committee consisting of the Dean of FCAT, Associate Dean of FCAT, and FCAT Director of Student Affairs.

To apply for this award, please complete and submit the following forms to the Director of Student Affairs at fcatdsa@sfu.ca.