Partnering with diverse arts and culture organizations, industry research partners, and other educational institutions is at the core of FCAT's collaborative and interdisciplinary identity. We believe in providing our students with opportunities for hands-on learning that connects them with their community.

If you are interested in partnering with us to find new insights in media communications; uncover solutions to intractable design challenges; harness the power of media, art and design, or explore research opportunities that reach across traditional academic boundaries; get in touch at fcateng@sfu.ca.

SFU is known for engaging with our community. FCAT partners with a variety of arts, culture, and community organizations to provide our students with opportunities for hands-on learning experiences while connecting with the wider community.

5X Festival sponsorship

FCAT partnered with 5X Festival in the celebration of South Asian arts and culture. As part of this collaboration, 5X Festival and FCAT hosted a panel of journalists and scholars to discuss representation in media. Youth, aged 16-35, heard about the pressures of being “the only one” representing a given community and how that narrative is changing.

Vancouver Writers Festival sponsorship

FCAT and our publishing program are a sponsor of the Vancouver Writers Festival. During the 2021 festival year, FCAT and the VWF presented a live-streamed panel for high school classrooms exploring the role of independent bookstores. FCAT and publishing also supported select events during the festival and celebrated participating alumni.