Episode 5: Career Transitions of a Software Engineer with Vic Ong

January 31, 2023
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On this episode of FCAT After School, we’re chatting with Vic Ong, pipeline technical director at Bron studios, about a very non-linear path towards a career in software development. 

If you don’t know what a technical director is, don’t worry! We’ll dive into that and the rest of Vic’s globe-spanning journey of making smart mattresses, keeping roller coasters safe, and constructing tools in game engines. If any of that entices you, you’ll want to hear his story.

FCAT After School is a podcast project from SFU’s Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology. Current students sit down with alumni to explore their career journeys since graduation and gathering advice for the next generation.

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Guest Bio: 

Vic has been a full-stack software engineer for the last 5 years, developing various web applications for the entertainment, e-commerce, and fintech industries. Currently, he’s a pipeline technical director at BRON studios, creating tools for cinematic and interactive experiences in animation, film, and VFX. He enjoys collaborating with artists and designers to help materialize their creative visions. 

Host bio:

Marshall is a writer and producer with works in video games, film, advertising, and now, podcasts!Completing his Master’s at the Centre for Digital Media, he focused on narrative design and production work in video game development. He’s passionate about fostering collaborative spaces and nurturing creativity wherever it grows! www.linkedin.com/in/marshallmcc/

Additional Resources and Mentions

Dr. Barry Kudrowitz: design.umn.edu/directory/barry-m-kudrowitz
Centre for Digital Media: thecdm.ca/
Unreal Engine: www.unrealengine.com/en-US

Episode Produced by Marshall McCann and Stacey Copeland

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