FCAT Excellence Awards

The Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology (FCAT) contains an amazing set of faculty, staff, and alumni. The FCAT Excellence Awards were created to honour the hard work, dedication, and excellence that occurs across FCAT and beyond. The FCAT Research Excellence Awards were created in 2018 and FCAT Teaching, Staff, and Alumni awards followed in 2021 to further recognize the exemplary work done by current FCAT members and alumni.

Nomination process

  1. Prepare your supporting documentation (see criteria for each award category).
  2. Complete the online nomination survey and upload any supporting documentation by November 3rd, 2023.

Normally all awards are given out annually and ties may be considered. Award recipients will be notified two weeks prior to a Faculty-wide reception in early December.

The goal of the FCAT Alumni Awards is to recognize alumni achievements in career, community service and research. Nominees must have graduated from an FCAT undergraduate or graduate program and cannot be current employees of SFU.

  • Distinguished Alumni Award – this award recognizes the significant achievements of an FCAT alumnus to their profession and/or their community over a number of years.
  • Emerging Alumni Award – this award recognizes outstanding achievements of an FCAT alumnus since graduation.
  • Alumni of the Year Award – this award recognizes an FCAT alumnus who has made an outstanding contribution in their field over the last year.

Prizes: Each winner will receive a prize valued at $500.

Nominations can be made by faculty, staff, students or alumni from any school or program within FCAT.

Required nomination package includes:

  1. A nomination letter by one or more writers that introduces the candidate to the committee and illustrates why the candidate is deserving of the award in accordance with the criteria in the award description.  

    1. The letter is the strongest part of the submission package. It must be 250-300 words. 

    2. Nomination writer’s are asked to focus on clear examples that highlight the candidate’s excellence and to avoid general statements about the candidate and their work. 

  2. Optional: Up to two pages of supporting evidence (e.g., link to news story, public acknowledgment, internal or external letters of support, etc.

Adjudication committee: a committee will be chaired by the FCAT Associate Director, Alumni and Community Engagement, and include one staff or faculty member from each of FCAT’s schools and programs.