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Episode 8: Decolonizing and Doing What You Have Always Done with Audrey Heath

April 16, 2024
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What if you have already found your passion and have been doing it without knowing? What does it mean to create your own opportunity — and your own community? How can we decolonize campuses and what does good food have to do with it?

On the final episode of season 3 of FCAT After School, student host Torien Cafferata navigates these questions and more with Audrey Heath, an SFU Communications alum and Indigenous Student Life Coordinator, who recently discovered that her passion has been with her all along.

Guest Bio

Audrey Heath (she/her) is a recent graduate of the School of Communication with a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in Communications and Indigenous Studies. As a member of the Gitxsan Nation in Northern British Columbia, she uses her opportunities as an SFU staff member to highlight Indigenous voices and promote Indigenous initiatives.

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Music by Sergii Pavkin and Oleksandr Savochk via Pixabay.