Episode 7: Gaining a Global Outlook with CEO Kai Bockmann

February 28, 2023
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On this episode of the FCAT After School, Communications student Eric Militaru talks with SFU Communication Alumni Kai Bockmann about his time at SFU and the skills he gained while pursuing his degree.

Not only was his time at SFU helpful but we also talk about the other stories outside of school that gave crucial life lessons in understanding the world and helped him to become the current president and CEO of Blue Diamond Growers.

FCAT After School is a podcast project from SFU’s Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology. Current students sit down with alumni to explore their career journeys since graduation and gathering advice for the next generation.

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Guest Bio

Kai Bockmann is the current President and CEO of Blue Diamond Growers. With experience as the President and COO of Saputo and various roles within McCain Foods, Kai has over 25 years of global experience restructuring, growing, and leading market-renowned CPG Companies. Along-side a degree in communications and business, Kai acquired his master’s in business administration at SFU in 1995.

Host Bio

Eric Militaru is a third-year communications student with dreams of working in the radio and podcasting industry.

Episode Produced by Eric Militaru and Stacey Copeland

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