Lighthouse Labs Prize

Sherlaine Lau, 2018 recipient, presenting at Lighthouse Labs Demo Day.

Established in 2014 with a generous gift from Lighthouse Labs, this annual prize provides a space in their specialized Web Development Bootcamp to one FCAT student each year. Valued at $8,000, the prize recognizes promising, creative students from any area of FCAT who have a demonstrated interest in web development.

Read about Sherlaine Lau’s experience in the fall 2018 bootcamp. 

Applications are now open for 2019! Applicants must:

  • Attend a mandatory information session at Lighthouse Labs (600 - 401 West Georgia St, Vancouver) at 6:00pm on February 27, 2019.
  • Apply below by March 4, 2019. You are required to attach a letter of reference from a faculty member or employer as part of your application.


Application Form

I understand that, to be considered for this prize, attendance is mandatory at the information session on February 27, 2019 at 6:00pm at Lighthouse Labs' office in Vancouver.
I give permission to the FCAT Dean's Office staff to verify the information provided above by reviewing my SFU Academic Record for the purpose of this prize.

Lighthouse Labs is a Vancouver-based coding school, where students learn full-stack web development through immersive bootcamp-style courses. Fast paced and rigorous, classes are focus on minimizing lectures and maximizing the time spent on building things in supervised labs so that students learn more in a shorter amount of time.  

Lighthouse Labs' Web Development bootcamp takes students through the fundamentals of source control using Git, HTML, CSS and stylesheet preprocessors, Ruby on Rails framework, Javascript and the jQuery framework as well as Node.js. As part of the course, students also have the opportunity contribute to open source projects and build their own apps under the supervision of a team of industry experts. The course is ideal for anyone looking to enter the startup community or build their own web applications.