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"The Fold", a new book from the SCA's Laura U. Marks offers a philosophy for living in an infinitely connected cosmos

April 04, 2024

From star-stuff to software; hoagies to humans, each entity is alive and occupies its own private place in the cosmos.

Grant Strate University Professor in SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA) Laura U. Marks’ new book The Fold offers a practical philosophy and aesthetic theory for living in an infinitely connected cosmos. Analyzing fiction, film, interactive media, and everyday situations, Marks outlines methods for detecting and augmenting the connections between each living entity and the cosmos.

The Fold shows it is possible to build “soul-assemblages” that challenge information capitalism, colonialism, and other power structures and develop new connections with the infinite by affectively mediating with the ever-shifting folded relations within the cosmos. Throughout the book, Marks teaches readers to apprehend the world and trace the processes of becoming found within the fold.

Read on and learn to live within the unfolding cosmos.