Partnering with diverse arts and culture organizations, industry research partners, and other educational institutions is at the core of FCAT's collaborative and interdisciplinary identity. We believe in providing our students with opportunities for hands-on learning that connects them with their community. We also recognize and value the work of our community partners and are eager to support their efforts, especially as their pertain to equity, diversity and inclusion, and Indigenous reconciliation.

If you are interested in partnering with us to find new insights in media communications; uncover solutions to intractable design challenges; harness the power of media, art and design, or explore research opportunities that reach across traditional academic boundaries; get in touch at fcateng@sfu.ca.

Through a variety of initiatives aimed at introducing prospective students to FCAT’s programs and areas of study, we partner with school districts and other organizations to offer summer courses and workshops where youth can explore new ideas and gain new skills.

School district summer courses

FCAT has partnered with local school districts to develop enhancement and enrichment summer courses for elementary and secondary school students. FCAT provides resources such as equipment, space and SFU student mentors, to create a safe and fun learning experience for the youth to explore dynamic topics informed by FCAT curricula. Course topics have included cinema studies, film-making, and sound design.

High school workshops

FCAT, in collaboration with local school districts, has designed a number of interactive workshops with learning objectives embedded within BC high school curriculum. FCAT works with the school districts to identify topics and parameters of the workshop, and then FCAT students and a faculty advisor develop the content for the selected high school courses. 

Current workshops

Graphic design workshop

The goals of this workshop are to introduce students to design thinking and principles. Students will be led through hands-on analysis and ideation methods, and apply these lessons in the creation of a meaningful graphic design.

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Digital Literacy Workshop

This workshop will introduce the concept of digital literacy to students and encourage them to be more aware of the digital media they consume. Students will also learn the implications of their digital media use.

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Contact us to invite an FCAT co-op student to host a virtual workshop for your Career Life Connections class:

Digital Literacy cmns_eo@sfu.ca

Graphic Design siateo@sfu.ca

Extracurricular Clubs

In partnership with local schools and school districts, FCAT has launched several extracurricular clubs for elementary and secondary school students. Students meet weekly to experiment and explore with visual art and digital media. FCAT student mentors guide the youth in the development of their artistic practices and provide a safe space to connect over a shared medium. 

Undergraduate Student Conference 

The FCAT Undergraduate Conference (UGC) is a celebration and exploration of the diverse range of student work produced within our faculty. Students from each of our schools and programs have the opportunity to showcase performances, papers, installations, and displays. Students, faculty, staff and industry members to come together, share knowledge and build meaningful connections. The UGC is also an opportunity for community members including local high school students and FCAT alumni to learn more about our programs and the work of our students. Click here to watch all of our 2021 presentations or see a few of them below.

School of Communication: Grace Mavko

School of Interactive Arts & Technology: Hana Barazandeh

School for the Cotemporary Arts: Sarah U

Community and student engagement news