Course Requirements for the BA in Health Sciences

Program Requirements

All course requirements for the Health Sciences programs can be found in the SFU Academic Calendar. In the event of a discrepancy between the Academic Calendar and a website or checklist, the Academic Calendar will be the final authority.

For the bachelor of arts (BA) Health Sciences program, students complete 120 units, which includes:

  • at least 45 upper division units
  • at least 60 units that must be completed at Simon Fraser University
  • satisfaction of the writing, quantitative, and breadth requirements
  • an overall cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and upper division CGPA of at least 2.0

Note: Students enrolled in HSCI major or minor programs must have a grade of C- or better in all required and pre-requisite courses. Courses taken in other departments (i.e. Stats) may require higher than C-. Please be aware of the Writing/Quantitative/Breadth (WQB) requirements when choosing electives.

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Lower Division Degree Requirements

All of:

  • HSCI 100-3 Human Biology
  • HSCI 130-4 Foundations of Health Sciences

And one of:

  • SA 101-4 Introduction to Anthropology
  • SA 150-4 Introduction to Sociology

 And at least one of:

  • HSCI 120-3 Introduction to Human Sexuality and Sexual Behavior
  • HSCI 140-3 Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  • HSCI 150-3 Current Topics in Human Sexuality
  • HSCI 160-3 Global Perspectives on Health
  • HSCI 170-3 Working for Health
  • HSCI 180-3 Drugs and Society
  • HSCI 199-3 Special Topics in Health Sciences

 And one of:

  • STAT 201-3 Statistics for the Life Sciences
  • STAT 203-3 Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences

 And at least four of:

  • HSCI 211-3 Perspectives on Cancer, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases
  • HSCI 212-3 Perspectives on Infectious and Immunological Diseases
  • HSCI 214-3 Perspectives on Mental Health and Illness
  • HSCI 215-3 Perspectives on Disability and Injury
  • HSCI 216-3 Ecological Determinants of Human Growth, Development and Health

Upper Division Degree Requirements

Students complete all of:

  • HSCI 304-3     Perspectives on Environmental Health
  • HSCI 305-3     The Canadian Health System
  • HSCI 307-3     Research Methods in Health Sciences
  • HSCI 312-3     Health Promotion: Individuals and Communities
  • HSCI 319W-3 Applied Health Ethics
  • HSCI 330-3     Exploratory Strategies in Epidemiology
  • HSCI 340-3     Social Determinants of Health
  • STAT 305-3     Introduction to Biostatistical Methods for Health Sciences


and at least 12 additional upper division HSCI units.

To have a minimum of 45 upper division units, a minimum of 9 additional upper division units (from any subject area) will be required.

Honors Program

A minimum CGPA of 3.00 on all relevant measures (CGPA, upper division grade point average, Health Sciences major grade point average) is required for entry and must be maintained for graduation with honors.

Students who obtain both a program and graduation GPA of 3.5 are eligible for the designation first class.

Entry into the honors program requires sponsorship by a mentor from among Health Sciences faculty and approval of the Undergraduate Studies Committee. Students must complete at least 132 units and meet all the requirements for the major. Also required are 9 to 12 course credit hours for a research-based honors thesis carried out under the direction of a faculty Supervisor, as follows:

Unit Requirements

Both of:

  • HSCI 490-3 Research Proposal
  • HSCI 492-3 Honours Research Thesis

and one of

  • HSCI 491-3 Independent Research
  • HSCI 493-6 Extended Independent Research