Health Sciences Minor Requirements

Minimum Grades

Students enrolling in HSCI courses must have a grade of C- or better in prerequisite courses and in the program's required courses.

Program Requirements

Students complete a minimum total of 30 units, including

  • HSCI 130-4 Foundations of Health

and one of

  • BISC 101-4 General Biology
  • HSCI 100-3 Human Biology

and three of

  • HSCI 211-3 Perspectives on Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Metabolic Diseases
  • HSCI 212-3 Perspectives on Infectious and Immunological Diseases
  • HSCI 214-3 Perspectives on Mental Health and Illness
  • HSCI 215-3 Perspectives on Disability and Injury
  • HSCI 216-3 Ecological Determinants of Human Growth, Development and Health

and at least 15 upper division HSCI units, of which at least seven upper division units used toward the minor must have been completed in SFU courses.