Step 3. Upload your Vault files to new location

How to upload your Vault files to MS Teams

Step 1. Download and prepare your files for migration if you haven't already done so:

Step 2. Launch Microsoft Teams on your dekstop or web broswer (

Step 3. On MS Teams, go to the team you wish to migrate your files. Select a channel within the team, then click on the "Files" tab.

Step 4. On your desktop, go to the folder with all your files from SFU Vault. Choose and select you wish to upload within the folders, then drag them onto MS Teams.

Note: If you are uploading a large number of files, consider uploading your files in multiple segments instead of all at once.

Step 5. Once all the files have been uploaded successfully, a pop-up notification like the following will be shown.

Congratulations! You have finished migrating your files from SFU Vault to Microsoft Teams.

If you need to re-establish any file sharing permission with people outside of your team, see the page on share a file or folder with people outside your team.