Faculty of Science departments

SFU Science covers a wide range of topics across our eight distinct departments. Learn where a passion for science can take you. 



Biological Sciences

From molecules to organisms to ecosystems, our biological sciences department is amongst the best in Canada. We offer a wide range of sub-disciplines that are sure to satisfy any biological curiosity.


As a top 10 Canadian school for chemistry, our chemistry department proudly trains the next generation of capable, innovative chemists.

Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology

Our biomedical physiology and kinesiology program is among the strongest in Canada, and offers you the chance to learn about the ins and outs of the human body while preparing for a career in medicine, veterinary studies, dentistry or physiotherapy.  

Earth Sciences

Our mission is to conduct innovative research that shapes the way in which we understand Earth’s evolution and positions us to address the growing challenges of resource security and sustainability, climate change and natural hazards.


SFU's mathematics program is among the top 10 in Canada. Dive deep into topics including pure mathematics, applied and computational mathematics and operations research.


Many prominent industry biology leaders and notable researchers across Canada got their start at SFU. Research topics include structural biology, genomics & bioinformatics, immunology, nucleic acid function and development & cell biology.


Established in 1964, SFU Physics offers one of Canada's oldest and most comprehensive biophysics and condensed matter programs. Research topics include atomic, molecular and optical physics, cosmology, condensed matter physics and biophysics.

Statistics & Actuarial Science

This cutting-edged department offers the only Actuarial Science program in BC. Pursuing your statistics or actuarial degree at SFU means exploring current applied and theoretical topics through research in established and new areas of research such sports analytics and big data.