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It was an extraordinary treat for our class to see the research in action being performed in our own local.  I love to delve into these local examples whenever possible with my class as we study plate tectonics and this will give us more to latch onto and explore.

From Heritage Woods Secondary

I loved all the awesome experiments. It kept the kids very engaged and you went over many things they are expected to learn in chemistry this year. I have very limited resources at school so it's great they go to see so many reactions that I can't do in the class. I really appreciate all the time and effort it took to get this organized. It was even better than expected.

From Adams Road Elementary

Thank you so much for making the science "real" to the kids, and for also being a role model to all our budding scientists.

From Sperling Elementary

Your prof and lab assistants were engaging, helpful and clear. Our students were engaged with the titration lab and the equipment that we don't get to use at school. They were thankful that they had others there to answer questions and guide them through the lab. They also enjoyed the extra demonstrations at the end.

From Regent Christian Academy

My favourite part was how you were able to communicate from a sincere perspective and emphasized that learning physics is about answering questions through inquiry and collaboration. It was also pointed out that these skills ARE the most valuable assets students can have when applying for a job. You used examples for everything you mentioned and that was very key in the students staying engaged.

From Grandview Heights Secondary