Science Space HVAC Review

Compliant HVAC Spaces - occupants can adopt SFU's Communicable Disease Plan, with masks mandatory.

Non-compliant HVAC spaces - occupants can adopt SFU's Communicable Disease Plan, with restricted occupancy as advised with physical distancing.

HVAC not assessed - occupants can adopt SFU's Communicable Disease Plan, but maintain current SWP occupancy limits

Please note, the majority of spaces have passed the HVAC review

For non-Science spaces, please go to SFU's indoor air quality site.


Type of Review:

BMS Review - Building Management System (ie. DDC) review - passive review of digital HVAC monitors (only available in newer buildings).

Site Air Survey - on site physical measurement of room ventilation.

Review Status:

Complete - room has had HVAC assessed.

In progress - the room is on the list for facilities to assess, but has not been completed.

Review Outcome:

Compliant - room meets HVAC standards as designed and complies with ASHRAE standards - can go to normal (full) occupancy.

Non-compliant - Room has been assessed and does not meet ASHRAE standards and/or does not have a functional HVAC system - see Notes for more information. Can only be used at reduced occupancy with physical distancing.

Filter type:

Generally either MERV-10 or MERV-13 (preferred). Rooms with MERV-10 filters indicate whether air is recirculated or 100% outdoor air.


If your room is not on the list, please email Hamel Tailor ( or Danielle Audas ( Single occupancy offices will not be measured before fall, unless for specific circumstances.