Science in Action K-12 Workshops

With a wide range of topics for every grade, find the perfect workshop for your class. Here’s a sample of the many SCIENCE DEMOS AND ACTIVITIES we offer.

Please note that due to COVID, our programs will remain virtual for the Fall 2021 semester.

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If you have a special need for a course or lesson, email and we'll do our best to design a worshop for you!

Human Anatomy

Take your students on a trip to our anatomy lab, where they’ll get the chance to assemble a torso model to learn about the functions and locations of everything from organs to the digestion tract.

life under the microscope

With the help of our microscopes, students learn about the way live cells interact and multiply. We’ll guide them through a series of activities to teach them what’s happening beyond the scope of the naked eye.


chemistry in action

Give your students a chance to explore a wide variety of chemistry topics in one interactive session, from acids and bases to the difference between endo- and exothermic reactions.