1st & 2nd year @ Surrey

Explore Science courses at SFU Surrey

It can be tough to figure out what courses to take in your first or second year of university – especially if you’re undecided about your major. To help make these decisions a little easier, we’ve compiled some course examples for our Surrey campus by semester and major. You can complete a full first year at SFU Surrey and – depending on your program and course load – second and third year courses, too.

1st Year at Surrey

  • Some courses may require prerequisites, so it's important to check that you're taking courses in the right order or in the right term.
  • Physics is taught in a studio laboratory designed to link theory with practice. Students work in collaborative groups in a technology-rich environment, which is conducive to retaining knowledge. Students who wish to take physics in a traditional lecture-only format should enroll in Physics courses taught at our Burnaby campus.
  • Note that due to COVID-19, the following CHEM & PHYS courses were restructured to create more flexibility:
Standard Learning Courses Course Equivalencies Courses to take Next
CHEM 121-4  CHEM 120-3 + CHEM 125-1 (take both, total 4 units)

CHEM 122-2

CHEM 126-2 (lab required for certain programs only)

PHYS 140-4 PHYS 120-3 + PHYS 132-1 (take both, total 4 units) PHYS 141-4


The following course outlines are rough examples to help you plan your year. You'll need to check whether those particular courses are offered when you want them, as each term can be slightly different. 

If you don't see course examples for your area of interest, you can contact Melissa Tamer, Surrey Science Advisor, at science_advisor@sfu.ca for more advice.

For Undecided Students

Fall - choose 4 or 5 Spring - choose 4 or 5
BISC 101-4 BISC 102-4
BPK 142-3  
CHEM 121-4 CHEM 122-2 (and 126-2)
MATH 150-4 or 151-3 or 154-3 MATH 152-3 or 155-3
PHYS 100-3 (if no Physics 12) PHYS 101-3
PHYS 140-4 (if not taking 100) PHYS 141-4
EASC 101-3  
PSYC 100-3, as an elective PSYC 102-3, as an elective

For students interested in Behavioural Neuroscience

Fall Spring
BISC 101-4 BPK 142-3
BPK 142-3 CHEM 122-2
CHEM 121-4 MATH 155-3
MATH 154-3 PHYS 101-3
PHYS 100-3 (if no Physics 12) PSYC 100-3 OR PSYC 102-3
PSYC 100-3 OR 102-3  

For students interested in Biological Sciences (BISC) or Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (MBB)

Fall Spring
BISC 101-4 BISC 102-4
CHEM 121-4 CHEM 122-2 (+CHEM 126-2 FOR MBB majors)
MATH 154-3 MATH 155-3
PHYS 140-4
or PHYS 100-3 (if no Physics 12)
PHYS 141-4 (if PHYS 140 taken in Fall)
or PHYS 101-3

For students interested in Biomedical Physiology or Kinesiology

Spring Fall
BISC 101-4 BISC 102-4 (BP only)
CHEM 121-4 CHEM 122-2
BPK 110-3 (K only) or BPK 142-3 BPK 142-3 if not completed in Fall or BPK 140-3 (K only)
MATH 154-3 MATH 155-3
PHYS 100-3 if no Physics 12 or PHYS 140-4 PHYS 101-3 or PHYS 141-4 if PHYS 140 taken in Fall

For students interested in Physics or Applied Physics

Fall Spring
CHEM 121-4 CHEM 122-2 and CHEM 126-2
MATH 150-4 OR MATH 151-3 (Students with transfer credit for MATH 151 should take MATH 232) MATH 152-3
PHYS 140-4 or PHYS 100-3 if no Physics 12 PHYS 141-4 or Burnaby Physics if no 140 in Fall
  MATH 232-3

For students interested in Actuarial Science

Fall Spring
CMPT 130-3 CMPT 135-3
ECON 103-4 ECON 105-4
MATH 150-4 or MATH 151-3 (Students with transfer credit for MATH 151 should take MATH 232)  MATH 152-3

For students interested in Mathematical Physics

Fall Spring
CMPT 130-3 CMPT 135-3
MATH 150-4 or MATH 151-3 (Students with transfer credit for MATH 151 should take MATH 232) MATH 152-3
PHYS 140-4 MATH 232-3
  PHYS 141-4

For students interested in Mathematics, Mathematics & Computing Science (MACM), Operations Research (OR), or Applied mathematics

Fall Spring
CMPT 120-3
(Students in OR may also consider CMPT 130-3 or CMPT 126-3)
CMPT 125-3
(Students in OR may also consider CMPT 135-3 or CMPT 128-3)
MACM 101-3 MACM 201-3
MATH 150-4 or MATH 151-3 (Students with transfer credit for MATH 151 are encouraged to take MATH 232) MATH 152-3
DATA 180-1 (for DATA students)
Note: Only available in Burnaby
MATH 208W-3
  MATH 232-3 or 240-3 (Students in DATA may also consider STAT 270-3)

For students interested in Statistics or data science

Fall Spring
CMPT 130-3 CMPT  135-3
MATH 150-4 or MATH 151-3 
(Students with transfer credit for MATH 151 should take MATH 232)
MATH 152-3
SFU Surrey breadth course MATH 232-3
  STAT 270-3


2nd year at Surrey

There are fewer second year course options at Surrey than first year, so you may need to consider this when planning your year - you may want to take some courses at the Burnaby campus or transfer there.

If you're a Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics and Computing Science, or Operations Research major, you may be able to complete most of your second year courses - and even some third and fourth year courses - at Surrey. Check Math's course timetables for the latest Surrey course information.

Examples of 200-level Science courses available @ Surrey:

  • MATH 232-3 Applied Linear Algebra
  • MATH 251-3 Calculus III
  • MACM 201-3 Discrete Mathematics II
  • STAT 201-3 Statistics for the Life Sciences
  • STAT 270-3 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Select third and fourth year MATH courses are also available.

Have questions?

Nadia Williams, Surrey Science Advisor
Email: science_advisor@sfu.ca (preferred)
Phone: 778.782.7486 

Contact Nadia if you're a current student needing Science @ Surrey advising or interested in the general science double minor program.

If you have program specific questions, please contact a departmental advisor.