Prospective Graduate Students

As a masters or PhD candidate, join our passionate collective of 600+ students and participate in cutting-edge research alongside our award-winning faculty.

Attention: COVID-19 updates

In an effort to keep our community of students, faculty and staff safe, we have shifted many of our teaching and community strategies in response to COVID-19. However, please note we are accepting applications for the Spring 2021 term.

For Science specific COVID-19 policies please click here.  For SFU-wide COVID-19 policies, please click here. If you are a Faculty of Science student, please click here for detailed instructions.

Science Research

Participate in ground-breaking research in your chosen field. Sharpen your research skills as you work alongside our stable of distinguished faculty.

Financial Aid

From scholarships and awards to research-specific funding, browse the many forms of financial support we offer students pursuing their graduate degree.



Student Life

What's it like to live in Burnaby? How can I engage with the SFU community while studying at SFU? Find answers to these questions and more.



Meet our Students

With topics that cover everything from actuarial sciences to geology to physics, finding the perfect program to jumpstart your science career and research interest has never been easier. Here is a sample of what some of our students are studying.

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