Faculty of Science Contacts

Dr. Donald Estep

Associate Dean, Research

The Associate Dean provides leadership and advice on strategic and operational management of research programs within the Faculty of Science and works closely with the Dean, Department Chairs, faculty members and our research support team.

Clay Braziller

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Partnership development is key to expanding our research opportunities with the public and private sector, engaging the community, and realizing the full impact of our research.  

Dr. Eve Cheuk

Research Grants Facilitator

Dr. Jacki Watson

Research Grants Facilitator

Research Grants Facilitators work with Faculty of Science researchers to identify funding opportunities and develop competitive research grant applications. The Facilitators monitor and evaluate research funding developments and provide professional guidance to faculty members in the selection and preparation of research grant applications. They also faciliate the development of interdisciplinary research teams at SFU, across Canada and beyond, matching funding opportunities with faculty members’ research interests.