Student Life

Our campus is home to a lively and engaging student population. Explore the wealth of opportunities to connect with other students and the community at large.

Science Co-op

Co-op formally integrates a student’s academic studies with career-related paid work experience. Alternating between semesters of study and semesters of work experience, students put their education in action while earning money and building a network of industry contacts.

Co-op invites students from all science disciplines to get involved. Click here to contact Science Co-op or here for BPK Co-op.

Science Peer Mentorship Opportunities

Peer Mentorship programs match senior students with incoming new students. The mentor helps support the transition to SFU by meeting and communicating one-on-one or in small groups, and connecting new students to social opportunities, services, and resources on campus. 

Free tutoring for Science undergrads

Science students can get help with:

BISC 202
CHEM 110, 121, 122 & 281/282
MATH 150,154,157
PHYS 100, 101 & 102, 120 & 121
Schedule is here.

Community Outreach

Help the next generation of students fall in love with science—commitments range from one event per year to helping out with a few workshops every month. Training is provided and, depending on the amount of time committed, may be eligible for recognition on your Co-Curricular Record. All events involve sharing science activities with K-12 students and the general public.

For more information please click here or log-in to MyInvolvement with your student ID. 


For more information on what it’s like on campus, from athletics to dining options, be sure to visit SFU’s Campus Life page.

International Opportunities

Let your studies take you around the globe. From international co-ops to short- and long-term study abroad programs, we offer many opportunities to expand your worldview while furthering your education.

Student unions and groups

Each undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science belongs to both the Faculty Student Union (Science Undergraduate Society) and their specific Departmental Student Union (DSU). Getting involved with your DSU can provide you with social connections, leadership opportunities, and give you a voice here on campus. Most DSUs also have common rooms to hang out in.