COVID-19 Guidelines & Safety

July 23, 2021 Update

We are now in stage 3 - all safe work plans still remain in effect: masks are still required.
If you have questions contact Danielle Audas

We encourage everyone to get vaccinated! You can register for your first and second dose on B.C.'s Get Vaccinated site and review information about COVID-19 vaccine safety from HealthLinkBCBCCDC and the First Nations Health Authority before your appointment.


COVID-19 Guidelines over the Summer Transition (until August 16, 2021)

Continuing Safety Measures


  • Masks – worn in all areas greater than an occupancy of one over nose and mouth
  • Observing maximum occupancy limits as posted in all areas - personal offices are an occupancy of one
  • Knowledge of Safe Work Plan required
  • SFU Safety Orientation module mandatory for anyone returning to campus
  • Daily health self-assessment (personal responsibility)
  • Hand hygiene and disinfection of high-touch areas
  • Shared kitchen spaces for food storage/preparation only

Changes to Safety Plans


  • Visitors are allowed as long as they follow our health and safety guidelines
  • No reporting of daily self-assessments or space sign-in sheets
  • Fieldwork will now follow Provincial travel guidelines
  • Human Participant Research will be allowed as per guidelines from the VPR
  • In-person meetings will be permitted provided the rules below are followed




  • Masks are mandatory for all participants
  • Meetings must be reserved in advance using calendar booking systems 
  • Personal offices are not to be used for meetings
  • Occupancy is limited to posted numbers
  • Seating will be staged to allow for appropriate personal space
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting spray will be provided
  • Social events require a specific SWP (please email for a copy)

Safety Concerns


Any concerns regarding safety should be reported to your supervisor or to if not addressed promptly.


The Faculty of Science is working hard to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. We have developed and will continue to update these policies based on consultations with university, provincial, and federal guidelines, as well as affiliated health agencies.

At this time, note that masks are mandatory within all Faculty of Science space. This includes any area with an occupancy of greater than one such as lab space, offices, bathrooms, hallways, stairwells, elevators, and all common spaces.


Departmental Guidelines

In addition to the general work plans, the departments have separate safe work plans for the individual spaces, lab groups and courses.  Please contact Hamel Tailor, to obtain copies of the safe work plans.