COVID-19 Guidelines & Safety

Updated: May 5, 2022

Please note that we are no longer following many COVID guidelines, in accordance with the removal of restrictions as per the PHO. We will continue to monitor the local landscape as it pertains to the pandemic in case there is a need to reinstitute any measures, under the direction of the University. In acknowledging the Science community and its commitment to keeping everyone safe, we do ask that you continue to consider safety a personal responsibility, being mindful of your health (i.e. stay home if you are unwell, in particular if you test positive for COVID, get your booster dose(s) when eligible) and to wear a mask in situations where physical distance may not be maintained to minimize risk to others.

If you have questions contact Danielle Audas at



The Faculty of Science is working hard to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. We have developed and will continue to update these policies based on consultations with university, provincial, and federal guidelines, as well as affiliated health agencies.


Dean of Science Memos