COVID-19 Guidelines & Safety

Sept 3, 2021 Update

Masks are mandatory in all indoor spaces with an occupancy greater than one.

The Faculty of Science has transitioned to SFU's Communicable Disease Plan. Please review this plan and ensure you are following it.

Note: it is important that you understand the ventilation status of your space. Check the HVAC review to determine if your space is compliant. Spaces that have not been reviewed or are non-compliant will continue to have occupancy restrictions. If you have a non-compliant space you will be notified of required restrictions.

If you have questions contact Danielle Audas at

Proof of vaccination will be required to access many on-campus services starting Sept. 13, 2021. We strongly recommend everyone to get vaccinated! You can register for your first and second dose on B.C.'s Get Vaccinated site and review information about COVID-19 vaccine safety from HealthLinkBCBCCDC and the First Nations Health Authority before your appointment. There will also be vaccine clinics held on Burnaby and Surrey campuses – check here for updated dates and times.


COVID-19 Guidelines for fall 

Continuing Safety Measures


  • Masks are mandatory in all areas greater than an occupancy of one (covering the nose and mouth)
  • Complete the SFU Safety Orientation module, mandatory for anyone returning to campus
  • Conduct a daily health self-assessment (personal responsibility)
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Disinfect high-touch areas
  • Shared kitchen/lunchroom spaces can be used with 2m distancing and limited duration
  • Spaces that have not had their HVAC reviewed continue to have occupancy restrictions
  • Offices that are designed for single occupancy should not be shared



  • Masks are mandatory for all participants
  • Seating should be laid out to allow extra personal space for all occupants
  • Personal offices are not to be used for meetings as these have not had their HVAC reviewed
  • Office hours and advising should remain over Zoom
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting spray will be provided
  • In-person seminars are permitted, with mandatory masks and no food/refreshments
  • Social events still require a specific Safe Work Plan, which includes restrictions on size and a requirement to check the BC Vaccine Card. Please email Danielle Audas at for directions on how to plan your event.

Safety Concerns


Any concerns regarding safety should be reported to your supervisor or to if not addressed promptly.


The Faculty of Science is working hard to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. We have developed and will continue to update these policies based on consultations with university, provincial, and federal guidelines, as well as affiliated health agencies.