An Otherworldly Glow

Read “An Otherworldly Glow” (download here). Now choose any other food you like and apply the same logic to find out about antimatter in … bananas, bratwurst, raw carrots … the universe is your limit!

All you need to do is pick a food. Then go to the USDA Nutrient Database and choose Potassium as the nutrient you want to know about. Enter the food you’re interested in (e.g. watermelon). Make sure to select 100gms as the ‘Measure By’ unit. You’ll get a figure for potassium per 100g of your food. Now weigh the whole food and calculate the potassium in all of it. Now follow the same steps as for Pumpkin in “An Otherworldly Glow” and you can work out the antimatter present in your food of choice.  

Does your food flash more often than a pumpkin?

Discover antimatter in pumpkins

This antimatter activity connects with the New BC Science Curriculum – Science 10, Chem 11 and Phys 11.

Meet Mike Hayden, Antimatter Explorer

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