The Parsad Family

l to r: STEVE HOLDCROFT, RESEARCHER, DEPT. OF CHEMISTRY, Sanjeev Parsad (son of Tony Parsad), Rekha Parsad (wife of Tony Parsad), Amrita Grewal Parsad (daughter-in-law of Tony Parsad), Aman Parsad (son of Tony Parsad), and Aikum Parsad (grandson of Tony Parsad).

To honor Tony Parsad, one of the first Chemistry lab technicians to be hired in time for SFU’s opening in 1965, the Parsad Family is establishing the Tony Parsad Annual Undergraduate Award in Chemistry and building the new Tony Parsad Endowed Undergraduate Award in Chemistry.

Tony Parsad was a proud and dedicated member of the SFU campus community.  Throughout his 27 years of service, from 1964 to 1991, Tony took great pleasure in assisting students personally and professionally.  When he suddenly passed away in 1991, his son Sanjeev left his SFU studies behind to help care for his younger brother.  Sanjeev, now the Founder and President of private equity firm Corner Market Capital Corporation, and CEO of Premier Diversified Holdings Inc. says, “I know my father would be thrilled to know that we are giving back to the community that he cared so much for. I used to visit my dad at SFU and we’d have lunch together in the cafeteria, and of course, I studied here myself.  My family has always had a connection with SFU and I’m pleased to be able to make this contribution in honour of my father.”

Chemistry department researcher Steven Holdcroft adds, “I wasn’t here back in 1965, but it gives me great pleasure to know that former employees felt an emotional connection to their work and to our students. Mr. Parsad’s gift will make a difference to students now, and in the years to come.”