Internal Approval for Funding Applications

  • Internal approval must be completed on all research funding applications and proposals regardless of whether the funding organization requires university sign-off
  • March 27, 2024: SFU updated the workflow to replace the paper 'SFU signature sheet' with an online form: Kuali Proposals
  • If you have questions regarding how to login or complete a Kuali proposal, please contact Anikó Takács-Cox, Director, Research Services, at

*New* Faculty of Science Deadlines:  

All Kuali proposals: 'Submit for Review' 5 days before the internal deadline (i.e., 8 days prior to Agency deadline)

Kuali proposals that require a Special Request Form: Complete the special request online webform 15 days before the internal deadline (i.e., 18 days prior to Agency deadline). Upload the signed form to Kuali.

Kuali proposals that require a Research Security Risk Assessment Form: Submit the risk assessment form 15 days before the internal deadline (i.e., 18 days prior to Agency deadline).  Any questions about the form should be addressed to  The researcher can send the draft Form and draft application to Upload the signed form to Kuali.

Requests for variances of these deadlines must receive prior approval by the Associate Dean, Research ( Variances will be granted only for extraordinary circumstances.

  • Complete the Kuali proposal cover page
  • Complete the Kuali page specifying the faculty involved with the proposed project
  • Upload the following materials into Kuali: 
    • Abstract/summary (penultimate draft preferred) 
    • Budget table
    • Detailed budget justification
    • If applicable, the approved Risk Assessment Form
    • If applicable, the approved Special Request Form
Special requests that require your Kuali proposal to include the Special Request Form
  • Teaching release (with or without offsetting funding)
  • Additional space
  • Renovation
  • Research Security Risk Assessment Form
  • Conflict of Interest (GP 37)
  • PI Fees 
  • Modified overhead rate
  • Additional staff support
  • Equipment Purchases
  • Direct funding support from the Dean