Meet our Students

Our masters and PhD students come from all corners of the globe to pursue their advanced science degrees at SFU. Meet just a few of them!

Alexandra Wesolek
Mathematics PhD student from Berlin, Germany

One of the reasons I came to SFU was for their Graph Theory Research Group which I wanted to join. I also liked the perspective of living in Vancouver, as it is a major city and has beautiful nature. For my PhD research, I'm investigating spherical depictions of networks. 

Avinash Kumar
Physics PhD student from Munger, India

I chose SFU for the excellent research in the physics department, which is comparatively small and allows you to really get to know the faculty. A regular conversation with your supervisor is an essential key for Ph.D. student. The beautiful SFU and the diverse culture of Canada were a bonus.

Antonina Calahorrano
Earth Sciences PhD student from  Quito, Ecuador

I found the perfect fit for my scientific work thanks to the welcoming, diverse environment of the university and the city of Vancouver's quality of life. I particularly enjoy how easy it is to change scenery from the vibrant urban environment of Downtown, to the endless choices of trails and forests to explore around SFU and Metro Vancouver.

Emma Garlock
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry student from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia

I am studying how early life exposures contribute to microbial dysbiosis and predispose children to disease. Before applying to SFU, I spoke with current students who helped me learn about SFU's academic and social culture. Those conversations gave me the confidence of knowing that I would have the resources I needed to be challenged academically and supported socially. 

Ana Sonea
Chemistry Masters student from Vancouver

I did my undergraduate degree at SFU where I researched solid-metal catalyst morphologies for Fuel Cell applications and atmospheric CO2 recycling catalysts. 

I stayed at SFU for my masters degree because the research opportunities here are so great. There are great faculty and facilities here to help support the kind of research that interests me. Additionally, there's lots of opportunity to collaborate with industry. 

Zubia Mansoor
Statistics Masters student from Kolkata, India

I chose SFU to pursue my graduate studies for its unique and research-driven learning environment, innovative initiatives as well as renowned active researchers in my areas of interest. My research focuses on machine learning and deep learning methods and their applications. I'm currently exploring uncertainty quantification and out-of-distribution data in the context of deep networks.

Josh Allen
Biology PhD student from Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

I chose SFU due to its active research faculty which hosts a variety of topics from physiology to ecology to marine biology, all of which are big interests of mine. My own lab is equally diverse in its research, focusing on questions such as exercise in animals, parental care, timing of breeding and the conservation of birds in the Salish Sea. 

Debipriya Mitra
BPK Msc student from Kolkata, India

My research focuses on understanding the role of cardiac ion channel genes, particularly voltage gated potassium channels, on Long QT syndrome using Zebrafish as an animal model. I chose SFU because of its research record, support, engagement from my supervisor, faculty and staff and financial aid. This, and enrichening experiences through research and teaching assistantships have allowed me to pursue my passion.