Bill payment

Print your Student Account Summary/Official Receipt* and take it to your Canadian banking branch where you have an account to pay your tuition fees like any other bill payment. If you have any questions about this service, check with your financial institution. Allow two to three days for the payment to be processed and recorded to your SFU student account.

Printing your Student Account Summary / Official Receipt

  • Login to the Student Information System/goSFU
  • Click on the Student Centre tile
  • Scroll down to the Finances section
  • Click on the first link: "Account Inquiry"
  • On the new page look to the right of "Overall Balance" and click on the blue link “Downloadable Account Statement by Term”
  • Use the drop down box to select the term's Account Statement you wish to print
  • Click on the green GO button
  • The Run Status will be showing as “Queued”. Click on the yellow Refresh button (top right) periodically until Run Status shows “Success”
  • Click on the blue link "View PDF" on the right (it's a pop-up)
  • Print your statement on your printer, and/ or save it to your computer to print later.
* SampleAccountSummary-OfficialReceipt.pdf
View a sample Account Summary / Official Receipt