Automated Design for Micromachining



This parameterized cell draws an arrow.

Layout for an arrow.

Figure 1: Layout for an arrow.


Any parameter may be modified, if necessary, to meet design rules. Typically, this involves increasing parameters that specify distances, so that minimum line width and minimum line spacing rules will not be violated. This has been extended to the convention of specifying a zero for some parameters to obtain an instance of the minimum size.

In addition to the parameters listed below, several technology parameters also influence the implementation of parameterized cells. This data must be present in the technology library.

Table 1: Parameters for the 'arrow' parameterized cell.
Name Description Range Units
layer This must be one of the drawing layers in the technology, and specifies the layer onto which the circle will be drawn. dwg layers -
length The distance between the tip and tail of the arrow. [0,∞) um
width The width of the line connecting the tail to the arrow head. [0,∞) um
arrow length The ratio of the arrow head's length to the parameter width. [2,∞) -
arrow width The ratio of the arrow head's width (in addition to the line width) to the parameter width. [2,∞) -


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