Automated Design for Micromachining

Process Library

This section of the library contains cells for extracting process parameters. Currently, this involves determining surface energies (cantilever arrays) and residual stress (Euler columns and Guckel rings).

The following process characterization parameterized cells are available:

Parameterized cells available in this category
Title Skill File(s) Description
Cantilevers, This cell creates an array of cantilevers that have varying lengths. Cantilever, or singly supported beams, can be used for two tests. First, cantilevers can be used to test the maximum release length. Second, cantilevers can be used to measure the non-uniform residual stress.
Euler Columns This cell implements an array of Euler columns. The lengths of the Euler columns are varied to provide a pseudo-meter capable of measuring compressive stress.
Guckel Rings This cell implements an array of guckel rings. The radii of the rings varies throughout the array, allowing the residual tension to be estimated by inspection.
Strain Gauge This pcell creates a dual bent-beam strain-gauge.