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The following actuators are available:

Parameterized cells available in this category
Title Skill File(s) Description
Comb, Linear The linear comb uses electro-static attraction to provide movement. It consists of a stator, which is fixed to the surface, and a rotor. The stator and rotor have a number of closely spaced finger which provide the electro-static attraction. Linear combs can also be used as a sensing element.
Heatuator This cell implements the standard form of the Guckel electro-thermal actuator. It is a 'U' shaped structure that uses differential thermal expansion to achieve motion along the wafer surface.
Heatuator Array, This cell implements a team of electro-thermal actuators. Each actuator is a Guckel electro-thermal actuator.
Vertical Heatuator This device is very similar to the horizontal heatuator. However, this device moves in a direction perpendicular to the wafer surface.
Tipuator A thermal-in-plane actuator, also known as a bent-beam actuator, uses electro-thermal effects to heat a bent-beam. To account for the beams expansion, the beam buckles. The buckling motion can be used for actuation.