Automated Design for Micromachining

Electrical Library

The following electrical elements are available:

Parameterized cells available in this category
Title Skill File(s) Description
Bridge Bridges are used to cross electrical signals. Using the "passes" and "rows" parameters, it is also easy to create signal taps for signal buses. It is designed to work with the standard PolyMUMPs conducting line.
Capacitor, A simple design for a parallel-plate capacitor. The capacitor uses the structural layers POLY0 and POLY1, or the substrate and POLY0. Etch holes may or may not be placed in the POLY1 plate.
Pad, This cell implements the a bonding pad. The first variant implements the standard bonding pad recommended by in the PolyMUMPs® handbook. The second variant implements a substrate bonding pad.
Pin This cell is used to implement a pin (terminal) to a device. It geometry is designed to match the structure of the standard conducting lines. Like the conducting paths, it should be relatively easy to connect to the terminal using any poly-silicon layer.
Resistor This cell implements a simple resistor. The resistor is a straight length of minimum width POLY0.
Resistor, Snake This cell implements a simple resistor. The resistor is a serpetine length of minimum width POLY0.