Automated Design for Micromachining



When laying out an entire chip, it is often convenient to have the chip's dimensions marked. This cell is used to, using the TMP layer, mark the edges of the chip and any margin that my be required.

If the design is to be mounted in a package, this cell can also provide a ring of bonding pads around the edge of the chip. Please refer to the documentation for bonding pad parameterized cell. If the bonding pads are not present, the cell contains no fabricable design.


Any parameter may be modified, if necessary, to meet design rules. Typically, this involves increasing parameters that specify distances, so that minimum line width and minimum line spacing rules will not be violated. This has been extended to the convention of specifying a zero for some parameters to obtain an instance of the minimum size.

In addition to the parameters listed below, several technology parameters also influence the implementation of parameterized cells. This data must be present in the technology library.

Table 1: Parameters for the 'frame' parameterized cell.
Name Description Range Units
width The horizontal dimension of the chip. [0,∞) um
height The vertical dimension of the chip. [0,∞) um
margin Depending on the dicing proceeduring, a region around the edge of the chip will be unuseable. This parameter specifies the margin. [0,∞) um
include_pads Check this box to include the bonding pads. The number of bonding pads and size of the pads is determined by the following parameters. true/false -
pad_count This is the number of bonding pads to place, if the "include_pads" parameter is true. The number will be rounded up to the nearest integer divisible by four without remainder. An equal number of bonding pads will be placed on each side of the chip. [4,∞) -
pad_size The bonding pads will be square. This parameter determines the size of the METAL region of the pad. The complete pad may be larger. Please refer to the documentation for the bonding pad parameterized cell. [0,∞) um
pad_size This is the length along each corner of the bonding pads that will be chopped off. Typically this value should be zero, but may be used to reduce spurious DRC violations with non-manhattan geometries. [0,∞) um


The documentation for this parameterized cell does not contain any references.