Automated Design for Micromachining



While Cadence does support labels, these labels cannot be converted to paths or to polygons, and they are not exported to CIF files. This instance simply writes out text using paths. The size and thickness of the letters can be modified.


Any parameter may be modified, if necessary, to meet design rules. Typically, this involves increasing parameters that specify distances, so that minimum line width and minimum line spacing rules will not be violated. This has been extended to the convention of specifying a zero for some parameters to obtain an instance of the minimum size.

In addition to the parameters listed below, several technology parameters also influence the implementation of parameterized cells. This data must be present in the technology library.

Table 1: Parameters for the 'label' parameterized cell.
Name Description Range Units
layer The mask layer on which the characters will be drawn. For most microelectronics processes, it is the top-most metal layer. In PolyMUMPs, the mask layer POLY0 is most useful. dwg layers -
height The height of each character. [0,∞) um
width The width of each character. [0,∞) um
weight The width of the paths used to draw the characters. [0,∞) um
text The text to be drawn. All lower case letters will be converted to upper case layers before being drawn. Only a small number of punctuation characters are supported. The text can also contain two escape sequences. Escape sequences are obtained using the backslash character. Using "\n" will create a new line. Using "\b" will add a backspace. - -


The documentation for this parameterized cell does not contain any references.