Automated Design for Micromachining

Mechanical Library

The following miscellaneous parameterized cells are available:

Parameterized cells available in this category
Title Skill File(s) Description
Frame (Chip) When laying out an entire chip, it is often convenient to have the chip's dimensions marked. This cell is used to, using the TMP layer, mark the edges of the chip and any margin that my be required.
Fresnel-Zone Plate,, This cell implements a Fresnel zone plate. A Fresnel zone plate has alternating transparent and opaque zones to create a binary amplitude diffractive optic element which can be used as a lens.
Meter,, For testing and measurement purposes, one often wishes to know how far an actuator, for example, has moved. This cell provides a convenient meter stick directly on the device surface for easy measurement. It consists of a rectangle in the desired structural layer with one side notched at a regular intervals.
Staple This cell implements a POLY2 staple. The device consists of single section of POLY2 that is anchored at both ends.
Tether This parameterized is used to create a mechanical tether to tie down a component to the substrate. One end of the tether is alwasy anchored to the substrate. A path that is designed to be readily broken, either mechanically or electrically, is then created next to the anchor.
Vertical Support, This cell implements part of a vertical support, which is used to construct free-standing devices. It implements the bulk of the flap. To complete the vertical support, staples hinges need to be attached to the base.