Committees & Faculty Council

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Standing Committees

FHS has several Standing Committees:

  • Faculty Development Committee (FDC)
  • Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)
  • Educational Programs Committee (EPC)
  • MSc/PhD Committee (MPC)
  • Professional Programs and Accreditation Committee (PPAC)
  • Undergraduate Studies Committee (UGSC)
  • Senior Managers Committee (SMC)

Standing Committees may vote to establish ad hoc sub-committees to undertake specific tasks. Sub-Committees charged with addressing specific issues may be formed by Faculty Council or Standing Committees, to whom they are accountable.

Attendance & Voting

All faculty members may attend meetings of all but the Tenure and Promotion Committee. Attendance at the Tenure and Promotion Committee is restricted to the members of that Committee.

Faculty members will be notified of the times, dates, and agendas of the meetings of all other Standing Committees that they may attend. Notification will normally be provided a minimum of five business days prior to regularly scheduled meetings.

The Directors/Chairs of the Graduate and Undergraduate Studies Committees may also restrict attendance at a meeting or during part of a meeting when confidential student and/or personnel matters are discussed.

All members in attendance at a meeting may participate in discussion and debate. Voting is restricted to Committee members.

The quorum for Standing Committee meetings is more than fifty percent of the voting members of the Committee. 


All Standing Committees, with the exception of the Tenure and Promotion Committee, shall keep minutes and distribute them five days in advance of the next regular scheduled meeting. It is the responsibility of the Directors/Chairs to ensure that minutes are available to all FHS members prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.

In compliance with SFU policy, the minutes of meetings of the Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committee are not made public.