Recommended security tools

For personal and home machines, you may find the following security applications useful. We don't necessarily endorse the products but have used them successfully in the past. For university-owned equipment please contact FHS IT for support.

Antivirus and spyware/malware protection

  • Malwarebytes - free antimalware & Internet security software (free version available)
  • Microsoft Security Essentials - free anitvirus for Windows 7
  • Windows Defender - antivirus software built into Windows 8 and 10

Password management

  • LastPass - cloud-based password manager for major web browsers
  • Password Safe - desktop application for storing encrypted passwords

Secure file/disk erasing

  • DBAN - secure hard drive wiping

Encryption (ensures data/files can only be accessed with a valid password/key)

  • Veracrypt - free, open source disk encryption tool
  • Axcrypt - free, open source file encryption software for Windows
  • MS Bitlocker - Windows 10 and 11 disk encryption 
  • Filevault - Mac - FileVault helps prevent unauthorized access to documents and other important data stored on your startup disk