Printing to Ricoh Multifunction Devices is now handled via SFU Print.

Setting up SFU Print

Managed computers (desktop computers permanently on-campus)

All managed SFU computers will have SFU Print installed. To start using SFU Print, you will simply need to print to the SFU Print printer.

Unmanaged computers (personal computers/laptops)

For unmanaged machines, please follow these instruction to setup SFU Print on your computer. 

Retrieving your print job

When printing from your computer, print jobs will now be automatically sent to a centralized queue. You will no longer need to specify which device you would like to print to. The print jobs can be released at any SFU Print device by tapping your HID key fob/card on the card reader or logging in. The key fob/card will also be used to access photocopying or scanning options at the device.

Instructions on releasing your print job by fob/card or logging in can be found here.