December 30 - Meghan Winters
City Cycling: Health Versus Hazard

December 16 - Julian Somers
What's the best approach to dealing with the homeless who have mental illnesses?

December 16 - Bruce Lanphear
There is lead in some of Whistler, B.C.’s prized tap water, Tainted Water investigation finds

December 16 - Jeremy Snyder
Health notes: Food labels, crowdfunding, teen sleep, missing health insurance

December 15 - Donald Macpherson
Should you be cautious about giving money to panhandlers?

December 14 - Julian Somers
Institutionalization not the way to stop homelessness: psychologist

December 14 - Julian Somers
Mayor wants B.C. to institutionalize severely mental ill people who are homeless (Coast Mountain News)
Mayor wants B.C. to institutionalize severely mental ill people who are homeless (Times Colonist)

December 13 - Julian Somers
Nanaimo's mayor wants province to institutionalize severely mental ill people who are homeless

December 12 - Ryan Allen
The City So Full Nobody Can Breathe

December 9 - Jeremy Snyder
Bioethics experts call on GoFundMe to ban unproven medical treatments

November 28 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
Research says the more kids a woman has, the more slowly she will age

November 26 - Poonam Deol
VolunTEEN Leader Poonam Deol Wins Service Delivery Excellence Award

November 24 - Adrian Genge
SFU students create colouring book to help refugees feel at home

November 19 - Bruce Lanphear
Solutions for lead hazard reduction may lie in other cities, according to a panel at the Zilber School of Public Health

November 18 - Kelley Lee
Langara College honours the outstanding achievements of 49 Langarans making a difference in the community

November 15 - Jeremy Snyder
Trump brags that he’s helping patients access medical ‘miracles.’ He isn’t.

November 15 - Bruce Lanphear
Here’s how Metlakatla First Nation in British Columbia tackles acidic water

November 15 - Bruce Lanphear
CANADA: How to keep homes, schools, daycares and workplaces safe from lead-tainted water

November 14 - Ruth Lavergne
Opinion: Virtual walk-in clinics undermine primary care

November 13 - Bruce Lanphear
Canada needs a single national standard on water quality

November 12 - Bruce Lanphear
How to solve the lead crisis in Canada

November 12 - Bruce Lanphear
Lead-tainted water: How to keep homes, schools, daycares and workplaces safe

November 12 - Karen Palmer
Big health-care change takes big courage

November 10 - John Calvert
(CH) BC’s frequent labor disputes are both coincidental and disruptive

November 9 - John Calvert
Why are there so many labour disputes in B.C. right now?

November 7 - Paola Ardiles Gamboa
Social upheaval in Chile

November 6 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
Research says that having kids actually helps you stay younger and live longer

November 5 - Bruce Lanphear
Elevated levels of lead found at three of 15 homes tested in Vancouver

November 5 - Bruce Lanphear
How lead levels in 5 Canadian cities compared to those in Flint, Mich.

November 5 - Bruce Lanphear
Lead contaminated drinking water found in Canadian schools

November 5 - Bruce Lanphear
(CH) Prince Rupert's water contains 2 times more lead

November 4 - Bruce Lanphear
Lead contamination found in Canadian household water

November 4 - Bruce Lanphear
Lead in Canada's drinking water

November 4 - Anne-Marie Nicol
Exposure to radon could lead to lung cancer for non-smokers

November 4 - Bruce Lanphear
Is Canada’s tap water safe? Thousands of test results show high lead levels across the country

November 4 - Bruce Lanphear
Lead levels in Prince Rupert drinking water could point to B.C.-wide problems

November 4 - Bruce Lanphear
Edmonton residents exposed to high lead levels in water over last decade, investigation finds

November 4 - Bruce Lanphear
Saskatchewan residents have some of highest levels of lead-tainted water in Canada

November 4 - Bruce Lanphear
How lead levels in 5 Canadian cities compare to Flint, Michigan

November 4 - Bruce Lanphear
Taking aerators off taps before testing for lead can mask the real risk. But some cities seem confused

November 4 - Bruce Lanphear
Corrosive water is a key reason behind dangerously high levels of lead. There’s a way to fix it

October 29 - Jeff Reading
St. Paul’s Foundation receives $2-million donation from BMO to support Indigenous health

October 29 - Jeff Reading
Bank pledges $2 million for Indigenous health care at St. Paul's Hospital

October 28 - Jeremy Snyder
Oversight of 'Right to Try' stem cell market raises concerns, bioethicists say

October 28 - Scott Lear
Opinion: Should I eat red meat? Confusing studies diminish trust in nutrition science

October 22 - Bruce Lanphear
(FR) Montreal has long ignored solutions against lead contamination

October 21 - Tania Bubela
Synthetic Psychedelics May Soon Replace Your Shrooms

October 19 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
Do pregnancy and childbirth accelerate aging in women? Maybe.

October 19 - Bruce Lanphear
UWM study finds over half of gun violence perpetrators and victims had elevated blood lead levels as children

October 17 - Scott Lear
Scott Lear: Do cyclists pay taxes?

October 16 - Bruce Lanphear
Investigation reveals dangerous lead levels in some Quebec drinking water

October 16 - Julia Smith
Pasha 40: Why it's important to focus on gender during an outbreak

October 15 - Scott Lear
Scott Lear: Should I eat red meat? Confusing studies diminish trust in nutrition science

October 13 - Scott Lear
Is red meat good or bad for you? 

October 13 - Scott Lear
Get moving: As Little as 20 Minutes a Day of Exercise Helps Prolong Life

October 8 - Tim Takaro
How the candidates vow to keep you safe from an oil tank fire on Burnaby Mountain

September 29 -  Donald MacPherson
Canada's Drug Crisis Has a Solution. Politicians Don't Like It.

September 27 - Kelley Lee
[FR] The new flame for tobacco companies

September 26 - Jennifer Fang and Kelley Lee
World: PMI-funded Foundation for a Smoke-Free World adding insult to injury

September 24 - Jeremy Snyder
Kudos to Google for banning stem cell ads. Other tech companies should follow

September 20 - Bruce Lanphear
Does pretty hurt? A look at the health risks of hair dyes

September 17 - Scott Lear
Downsizing to an early death? Why exercise is so important as you age

September 17 - Nadine Provençal
How Stress During Pregnancy Affects Mother and Baby

September 16 - Sadeem Fayed
Indigenous Approach to Healing Influential in Hep C Care

September 16 - Bruce Lanphear
Lead concerns prompt Vancouver Park Board to take closer look at artificial turf

September 16 - Bruce Lanphear
Vancouver park commissioner John Irwin brings motion forward dealing with health effects of artificial turf

September 15 - Donald MacPherson
Vancouver mayor calls on federal leaders to act on overdose crisis

September 13 - Julia Smith
Trump calls for ban on flavoured e-cigarettes — what is Canada’s stance on vaping?

September 13 - Tim Takaro
Trans Mountain Pipeline Faces Construction Challenges – Opponents Say

September 12 - Cecilia Sierra-Heredia and Tim Takaro
Opinion | Still sneezing? Climate change may prolong allergy season

September 11 - Jeremy Snyder
Dangerous results from unproven stem cell treatments led to Google ad ban

September 9 - Jeremy Snyder
Cancer Patients Turn to Crowdfunding for Medical Expenses

September 6 - Bruce Lanphear
Toxic Beauty raises alarm about harmful chemicals used in cosmetics

September 6 - Angela Kaida and Sarah Spencer
Recommendations on changes to HIV criminalization don't go far enough

September 4 - Zabrina Brumme
The Berlin Patient: Cured of HIV with a stem cell transplant, Timothy Brown visits Vancouver

August 29 - Julia Smith
Smoke and mirrors: The nanny state critics behind the vape debate

August 27 - Anne-Marie Nicol
Radon Environmental launches new radon awareness and testing campaign, "The Bark Side of Radon", with support from Sherry and Mike Holmes Jr.

August 27 - Meghan Winters
Super Awesome Science Show: Riding bikes

August 24 - Cecilia Sierra-Heredia and Tim Takaro
Opinion: Still sneezing? Climate change may prolong allergy season

August 22 - Jennifer Fang
Should tobacco play a role in China’s international development model?

August 20 - Nadine Provençal
(FR) Stress during pregnancy could pass genetic marker to unborn fetus

August 20 - Cecilia Sierra-Heredia and Tim Takaro
Still sneezing? Climate change may prolong allergy season

August 20 - Nadine Provençal
Feeling stressed? It could be tied to your mom's mood during pregnancy

August 18 - Jennifer Fang
China's Tobacco Industry Is Building Schools and No One Is Watching

August 13 - Jennifer Fang
China’s tobacco industry is building schools and no one is watching (Canadian Inquirer)
China’s tobacco industry is building schools and no one is watching (International Business Times)

August 13 - Bruce Lanphear
How plastic contaminants and heavy metals impact brain development

July 22 - Julia Smith
Gender matters in responding to major disease outbreaks like Ebola

July 20 - Scott Lear
How to exercise in the summer without heat exhaustion

July 16 - Scott Lear
How to exercise in the summer without heat exhaustion

July 4 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
(CH) Mobile camera function - the future can support the rapid medical test function

July 13 - Jeremy Snyder
How the magic of medical crowdfunding works

June 30 - Jeremy Snyder
Comment: Medical crowdfunding geared toward the wealthy

June 27 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
SFU researcher uses smartphone technology to improve rural health testing

June 27 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
Smartphone solution for diagnostic testing in rural, remote areas

June 23 - Donald MacPherson
Advocate for evidence-based approaches to substance use and addiction honoured with lifetime achievement award

June 21 - Donald MacPherson
Donald MacPherson and Scott Bernstein: We can stop the overdose epidemic—why aren’t we?

June 18 - Brian Portner
Solutions to housing crisis in Vancouver

July 17 - Kelley Lee
How exclusion from the WHO is affecting health care in Taiwan

June 16 - Robert Hogg
Following in his footsteps: Father and son pursue similar careers, both awarded Order of Canada

June 14 - Scott Lear
The SDOH Factor That Impacts Heart Disease

June 12 - Scott Lear
Better education links to good heart health

June 11 - Tania Bubela
Stem cell clinics co-opt clinical-trials registry to market unproven therapies, critics say

June 11 - Benedikt Fischer
Study casts doubt on cannabis as a substitute for opioid addiction

June 11 - Scott Lear
Cardiovascular health linked to income and education

June 10 - Bruce Lanphear
Concerned Vancouverites call for ban on synthetic turf fields after tests confirm lead

June 7 - Scott Lear
Heart health linked to your education, wealth

June 7 - Mark Brockman
Early Antiretroviral Treatment May Preserve Key Immune Responses to HIV

June 2 - Angela Kaida
HIV non-disclosure laws

May 29 - Jeremy Snyder

Crowdfunding treatment — when survival is a popularity contest

May 23 - Scott Lear
40 Easy Ways to Burn Extra Calories Every Day

May 20 - Jeremy Snyder
When survival is a popularity contest: the heartbreak of crowdfunding healthcare

May 19 - Susan Erikson
Can tracking people through phone-call data improve lives?

May 7 - Charlotte Waddell
Attitudes to children's mental health have changed in a decade, editor says

May 1 - Julian Somers
Tent cities sign that something’s not right

April 18 - Bruce Lanphear
‘Toxic Beauty’: The Ugly Business of Pretty

April 12 - Meghan Winters
Better city bike maps are made by volunteers

April 11 - Meghan Winters
Better city bike maps are made by volunteers

April 7 - Jennifer Fang
China Tobacco looks to take on global cigarette makers

March 31 - Ruth Lavergne
Opinion: Community health centres needed to improve primary care in B.C.

March 29 - Charlotte Waddell
B.C. service helps parents to help kids overwhelmed by anxiety

March 27 - Bruce Lanphear
(DK) New study: More organic food means fewer pesticides in urine

March 22 - Iva Cheung
B.C. researchers publish mental health guides in eight languages to help address ‘unmet need’

March 20 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
Stressed during pregnancy? Your baby might feel long term effects

March 20 - Jeremy Snyder
GoFundMe blocks cash appeals for controversial cancer clinic

March 15 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
The More Kids a Woman Has, the More Slowly She'll Age

March 13 - Julian Somers
Fewer homeless on the streets?

March 12 - Julian Somers
Volunteers hit the streets for annual homeless count in Vancouver

March 11 - Jeremy Snyder
GoFundMe should stop embracing and promoting unproven clinical research

March 5 - Zabrina Brumme
2nd man seemingly free of AIDS-causing HIV after bone marrow transplant

March 5 - Zabrina Brumme
Man in London appears to be free of HIV/AIDS after stem cell transplant

March 3 - Ian Tietjen and Malcom Steinberg
Traditional medicine on international stage

March 3 - Benoît Gomis
“Legal and illegal trade in tobacco products are often intertwined”

February 26 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
It’s science: Having kids can help you live longer

February 25 - Shira Goldenberg
Sex Workers Unionize in Guatemala

February 25 - Bruce Lanphear
There’s still lead in the water at Denver Public Schools. Nobody has to do anything about it.

February 25 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
The more kids a woman gives birth, the slower her body ages

February 24 - Bruce Lanphear
Eating Organic Significantly Reduces Health Risks

February 20 - Christina Chiu
App helps families looking after seniors avoid 'caregiver burnout'

February 20 - Pablo Nepomnaschy
The More Children a Woman Has, the More Slowly She Will Age, Study Suggests

February 13 - Tim Takaro
Pipeline protesters deliver 'heartfelt' Valentine's cards to NEB

February 11 - Bruce Lanphear
Can Eating Organic Lower Your Exposure to Pesticides?

February 5 - Robert Hogg
Robert Hogg: Creeker receives Order of Canada

February 4 - Angela Kaida
Groups want provinces to have consistent policies on limiting HIV prosecutions

February 3 - Mark Brockman
New clues to controlling HIV found

February 1 - Karen Palmer
Ontario will not have two-tier health care, minister says, but plans remain under wraps

January 29 - Benoît Gomis
Hezbollah’s Backing of Maduro May Shine Light on Links With Venezuela

January 29 - Benoît Gomis
Paraguay’s underground economy

January 27 - Jeremy Snyder
The tourists in Asia who crowdfund to pay crippling medical bills

January 24 - Jeremy Snyder
Sen. Rand Paul Joins Rising Number of Americans Going Abroad for Healthcare

January 23 - Julia Smith
How tobacco industry donations cloud debates over cigarette controls

January 15 - Anne-Marie Nicol
Okanagan a hotspot for deadly radon gas

January 15 - Stuart Peacock
Gene therapy drug Kymriah should be publicly covered if manufacturer drops price, report recommends

January 15 - Zabrina Brumme
Nef gene function and HIV subtype influence viral reservoir size

January 9 - Jeremy Snyder
Colby Cosh: Two researchers fashion a tapestry of GoFundMe desperation

January 4 - Jeremy Snyder
At least 13,000 people have donated money on GoFundMe for unproven cancer treatments, and it could be dangerous

January 3 - Jeremy Snyder
GoFundMe Is Still Enabling 'Garbage' Cancer Treatment Scams, Study Finds