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December 29 - Julian Somers
B.C. public use drug ban (starts at 25:57) -CBc News Network - Canada Tonight

December 28 - Kiffer Card
Talk to a Stranger Week - NewsTalk 980

December 28 - Tim Takaro
Oil producers Canadian Natural, MEG urge regulator to back Trans Mountain request - Reuters

December 23 - Kiffer Card
Iniviting 100 strangers for coffee and other ways to stave off loneliness - The Globe and Mail

December 21 - Scott Lear 
OpEd: How to keep your physical and mental health on track during the holidays - The Conversation Canada

December 18 - Steven Lewis (adjunct professor)
OpEd: Dear doctors, Canadian health care needs help to evolve - Saskatoon StarPhoenix

December 14 - Tyson Singh Kelsall (PhD candidate)
Too many non-profits, too many problems? - The Tyee

December 13 - Hasina Samji
(Punjabi) Teen mental health crisis in B.C.- Omni Vancouver (CHNM)

December 12 - Julian Somers
Douglas Todd: Why has Europe been spared Canada's fentanyl disaster?- National Post

December 11 - Tyson Singh Kelsall (PhD candidate)
Pilot project to pay B.C. drug users to go through treatment coming under criticism - City News

December 11 - Hasina Samji
Teen mental health in B.C. - City News 1130

December 11 - Hasina Samji
Nearly 40% of surveyed B.C. teens between 15 and 17 may have depression: SFU - Global News

December 7 - Kelley Lee
This week at the movies ("Overtime" review) - National Observer

December 6 - Scott Lear
Invigorating the inanctive with just one step - 

December 5 - Kelley Lee
Mother-daughter doc spotlights Burnaby prof's lifelong hockey passion - Burnaby Now

December 5 - Kelley Lee
"OVERTIME": A hockey documentary - CBC Radio One CBYK

December 5 - Martha Gumprich
Majority of non-binary youth aren't participating in team sports - Xtra Magazine

December 5 - Julian Somers
BC premier announced 'road to recover' initiative (Part I  |  Part II- NewsTalk 980 CKNW

December 1 - Bruce Lanphear
Part 1: What is behind the shocking number of deaths linked to lead poisoning? - News24

November 30 - Martha Gumprich
Non-binary youth in Canada are avoiding team sports - CBC Radio One 91.5 FM

November 28 - Martha Gumprich
Report: Non-binary youth in Canada avoid organized sports - The Tyee

November 27 - Anne-Marie Nicol
Kimberley encouraging residents to test for radon - My East Kootenay Now

November 27 - Kiffer Card
WHO declares loneliness a significant health threat - CTV Vancouver

November 24 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Alberta's nurse practitioners able to open own clinics iNews880 

November 22 - Bruce Lanphear
What is behind the shocking number of deaths linked to lead poisoning? - Daily Maverick

November 22 - Kiffer Card
If we've lost the climate war, what's plan B? The Tyee

November 22 - Kiffer Card
Meaningful conversations with strangers can help mental health City News

November 17 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
(OpEd) Canada can aim higher than improved dental care access - Regina Leader-Post

November 16 - Bruce Lanphear
Why Canada is 'among the worst' for pesticide rules - National Observer

November 15 - Martha Gumprich (alumnus)
Non-binary Canadian youth in sports - City Vancouver

November 15 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Overcrowding at Saskatoon Hospital - Global Saskatoon

November 14 - Martha Gumprich (alumnus)
Non-Binary Canadian youth in sport avoids team sports due to discrimination - City News 680

November 10 - Martha Gumprich (alumnus)
Canadian non-binary youth avoid team sports: study - The Vancouver Sun

November 10 - Martha Gumprich (alumnus)
Majority of non-binary youth avoid team sports due to discrimination, barriers - CBC Radio One

November 10 - Martha Gumprich (alumnus)
More than half of non-binary Canadian youth in sport witness discrimination - Global News

November 10 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
(French) Alberta health care - Ici Acadie

November 10 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Danielle Smith's health care overhaul of health strips Alberta Health Services of policy-powers - The Globe and Mail 

November 9 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
(French) L’Alberta transforme la gestion de son système de santé - Ici Radio Canada

November 9 - Travis Salway, Jorge Andres Delgado-Ron, Sarah Watt
Sexual dysfunction after stopping SSRI antidepressants - The New York Times

November 8 - CHART Lab
What protects the mental health and well-being of kids experiencing the family justice system - Slaw

November 8 - Martha Gumprich (alumnus)
Here's why Canadian non-binary youth avoid team sports, according to a B.C. study - CTV News

November 7 - Martha Gumprich (alumnus)
Majority of non-binary youth now avoid joining sports teams - Pink News

November 3 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Health-care spending returns to smaller 'pre-COVID growh rates:'" CIHI report - Global News

November 3 - Julian Somers
Concerns raised over B.C. instructional videos on how to inject drugs - Global News

November 2 - CDPC
'Very unexpected:' Vancouver police raid Dana Larsen's magic mushroom dispensaries - CTV News

November 1 - Martha Gumprich (alumnus)
Research highlights need to make team sports more gender inclusive - Golden Star

October 30 - Julia Smith
(OpEd) Canada's health-care crisis is gendered: How the burden of care falls to women - The Hamilton Spectator

October 30 - CDPC
Advocates decry 'brutal escalation' of police raid on DTES safe supply program - CTV News

October 27 - DJ Larkin, CDPC
Vancouver police raid drug activists' office over trafficking, two arrested - The Globe and Mail

October 26 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
(OpEd) Does Canada truly want a universal dental care program? - Regina Leader-Post

October 25 - Jeff Reading
UVic emeritus proessor awarded Order of Canada - Victoria News

October 24 - Kiffer Card, Kalysha Venditti-Closson, Ashmita Grewal
Study: Psilocybin eases psychological distress in people with childhood trauma - High Times

October 24 - Bruce Lanphear
Feds not protecting Canadians from 'undeniable' pesticide danger - National Observer

October 23 - Emma Griffiths 
(OpEd) As Africa embraces genomics in the post-Covid era, quality assurance is critical - Daily Maverick

October 23 - Julia Smith
(OpEd) Canada's health-care crisis is gendered: How the burden of care falls to women - The Conversation

October 23 - Benedikt Fischer (adjunct)
5 years after legalizing cannabis, here's what we've learned - Toronto Star

October 23 - Travis Salway
Canada's Saskatchewan passes school gender identity bill - CBC Radio One 540 AM (CBK)

October 23 - Travis Salway
Sask's new law creates complications for support staff, gender-diverse students: mental health experts -

October 19 - Benedikt Fischer (adjunct)
5 years after cannabis legalization (Part 1 Part 2) - CBC Radio One 94.5 FM (CFWH)

October 18 - Benedikt Fischer (adjunct)
(German) Bundestag discusses cannabis legalization for the first time - Der Spiegel

October 18 - Tim Takaro (Professor emeritus)
Activists, councilors, residents, protest Trans Mountain project - Yahoo! News Canada

October 17 - Bruce Lanphear
Texas moves to formalize acceptable cancer risk from industrial air pollution. Is it strict enough? - KXXV TV

October 16 - Benedikt Fischer (adjunct)
Half decade of legal cannabis sees rise in health concerns, hospitalizations - The Calgary Herald

October 16 - Nicole Luongo, CDPC
Sterling Prize for Controversy: Nicole Luongo - CBC Radio One (690 AM/88.1 FM)

October 13 - Bruce Lanphear
Texas quietly moves to formalize acceptable cancer risk from industrial air pollution. Public health officials say it's not strict enough - Yahoo! News

October 13 - Jeremy Snyder
Mary Lou Retton crowdfunded her medical debt, like many thousands of others - The New York Times

October 12 - Benedikt Fischer (adjunct)
Cannabis use and hospitalizations up 5 years after legalization - CBC Radio ONe 99.1 FM (CBLA)

October 11 - Benedikt Fischer (adjunct)
Fewer arrests, more hospitalizations resultof legal marijuana in Canada, two new studies suggest -

October 10 - Benedikt Fischer (adjunct)
5 years of legal cannabis: fewer charges, many hospitalizations and more than a few questions -

October 6 - Tyson Singh Kelsall (PhD candidate)
(OpEd) Decriminalization is dead in B.C. - The Georgia Straight

October 6 - Travis Salway
Conversion therapy remains far too common, study finds - Yahoo! News

October 6 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Talks 'extremely fluid' as Liberals and NDP haven't yet agreed on promised pharmacare bill - The Globe and Mail

October 5 - Travis Salway
Many LGBTQ people report having experienced conversion therapy, study finds - NBC News

October 4 - Travis Salway
Right-wing rage-farming attacks on LGBTQ kids not a worthwhile import - The Hill Times

October 3 - Nicole Luongo, CDPC
(French) La coroner en chef de la C.-B. réclame davantage de centres d’inhalation supervisée - Ici Radio Canada

October 3 - Nicole Luongo, CDPC
As smoking toxic drugs kills in record numbers, B.C. coroner calls for supervised inhalation sites -

September 15 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
(OpEd) Nurse practitioners could help solve primary care issue - Saskatoon StarPhoenix

September 14 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
(French) Health professionals shortage in Saskatchewan - Ici Radio Canada CBKF

September 12 - Hui Xie
Rheum patients on HCQ: Stick with it or face heart consequences - MedPage Today

September 11 - Bruce Lanphear
A critique of Canada's pesticide oversight - The Ruminant on Player FM

September 11 - Bruce Lanphear
Bruce Lanphear on how we're failing to protect people from pesticides - Environmental Health News

September 7 - Kanna Hayashi
(OpEd) Decriminalization: How police drug seizure, even without arrest, can create harms - Policing Insight

September 6 - Julian Somers
(OpEd) Psychedelics have great medical promise. That doesn't make them safe. - The Washington Post

September 5 - Benedikt Fischer (adjunct)
Toxic drugs deaths in B.C. - CBC News with Natasha Fatah

September 1 - Kanna Hayashi
(OpEd) Decriminalization: How police drug seizure, even without arrest, can create harms - The Winnipeg Free Press

September 1 - Julian Somers
Let's reframe how we view substance use and addiction, says Options Community Services - The Peace Arch News

August 31 - Kanna Hayashi
(OpEd) Decriminalization: How police drug seizure, even without arrest, can create harms - Yahoo! News Canada

August 31 - Jeremy Snyder
The ethics of crowdfunding in response to wildfires - CBC Radio ONe 88.9 FM (CBTK)

August 29 - Ryan Allen and Stephanie Cleland
(OpEd) Wildfire smoke is an increasting threat to Canadians' health - Vancouver is Awesome

August 28 - Ryan Allen and Stephanie Cleland
(OpEd) Wildfire smoke is an increasting threat to Canadians' health - Yahoo! News Canada

August 25 - Anne-Marie Nicol
Building your own air purifier - 980 CKNW NewsTalk

August 24 - Tania Bubela
Canadian governments guilty of 'major pandemic failures,' influential journal says - Saltwire

August 21 - Kiffer Card and Kalysha Closson
(OpEd) It's not just heatwaves - climate change is also a crisis of disconnection - Eco-Business

August 21 - Bruce Lanphear
(OpEd - French only) Autoriser encore plus des pesticides? Vraiment? - Le Droit

August 21 - Bruce Lanphear
Kids living near a South Bay airport had lead levels higher than Flint. A push for change sparked controversy - San Francisco Chronicle

August 21 - Anne-Marie Nicol
Cities pondering how to protect against wildfire smoke - The Globe and Mail

August 18 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
(OpEd) Ireland's health reforms echoes medicare in Saskatchewan - Saskatoon StarPhoenix

August 17 - Kiffer Card and Kalysha Venditti-Closson
(OpEd) It's not just heat waves -- climate change is also a crisis of disconnection - The Winnipeg Free Press

August 16 - Tim Takaro (Professor Emeritus)
To stop a pipeline, a three-week jail sentence was a small price to pay - The Breach

August 16 - Kiffer Card
La Saskatchewan envisage de « moderniser » la Loi sur l’emploi - Ici Radio Canada

August 16 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Canada's unfilled health-care jobs doubled since pandemic began: StatCan - Global News

August 15 - Kiffer Card
Saskatchewan looking for feedback on Employment Act - CBC Radio One 540AM (CBK)

August 15 - Kiffer Card
Sask to review employment standards. How could that affect working from home? - News

August 14 - Tania Bubela
Public health experts, NDP MP Davies echo medical journal's call for inquiry into Canada's pandemic response - The Hill Times

August 10 - Kiffer Card (research cited)
(Français) The impact of social isolation on health - Radio X 95.7

August 10 - Kiffer Card (research cited)
(Français) Research stressed the importance of friendships for our health - CHOI 98.1 Radio X

August 10 - Bruce Lanphear
Why some of your food could soon contain more pesticides - National Observer

August 9 - Julian Somers
Critics say B.C. decriminalization project hasn't done enough to prevent overdoses - AM 1150 Talk Radio

August 9 - Julian Somers
Evaluating the B.C. drug decriminalization program six month later - CFAX 1070

August 9 - Julian Somers
Six-month anniversary of decriminalization pilot in B.C. passes by (Part 1  |  Part 2 Part 3) - Newstalk 770 CHQR

August 8 - Tania Bubela
Calls for public inquiry into COVID-19 response to prepare for next health crisis - AM 800 CKLW

August 8 - Tania Bubela
Health experts call for inquiry into Canada's COVID-19 response - CTV Two Vancouver Island

August 8 - Canadian Drug Policy Coalition
N.L.'s drug supply is getting deadlier. Here's what experts say can be done - News

August 3 - Tania Bubela
Experts call for inquiry into Canada's COVID-19 response - CTV Vancouver

August 2 - Bruce Lanphear
Scientists sound the alarm over pesticide use on food at toxic levels - CBC Radio One (CBLA)

August 2 - Bruce Lanphear
Former co-chair quit feds' scientific pesticide committee in frustration - National Observer

August 2 - Kiffer Card
Avoir de trois à cinq amis proches améliore la santé - L'actualité

August 2 - Travis Salway 
Brewery facing backlash after pulling plug on "polarizing" drag event - Daily Hive Vancouver

August 1 - Tyson Singh Kelsall (PhD candidate)
After an identity theft nightmae, a search for answers - Yahoo! News Canada

July 27 - Meghan Winters, Karen Laberee and Colin Ferster
How Canada's first national cycling map will benefit both riders and public planners - The Weather Network

July 27 - Tania Bubela
New study looks into Canada's COVID-19 response (Part 1  | Part 2  | Part 3) - Talk Radio Am 640 (CFMJ)

July 27 - Ruth Lavergne (adjunct)
Calgary clinic moving to membership model - does it go again Canada Health Act? - CTV Toronto

July 27 - Ruth Lavergne (adjunct)
NDP calls for probe into how many medical clinics are charging 'member' fees in Alberta - News

July 26 - Meghan Winters, Karen Laberee and Colin Ferster
How Canada's first national cycling map will benefit both riders and public planners - Yahoo! News Canada

July 26 - Tania Bubela
Doctors call for inquiry into Covid-19 response - CTV News Channel

July 26 - Tania Bubela
Public health experts excoriate Canada Covid response and call for inquiry - The Guardian

July 25 - Lindsay Hedden, Ruth Lavergne (publication cited)
Calgary clinic asks for nearly $5k a year for a 2-parent membership -- and it's not the only one - Calgary Herald

July 25 - Tania Bubela
Canadian governments guilty of 'major pandemic failures,' influential journal says - National Post

July 24 - Bruce Lanphear
Departure of federal pesticide advisory committee co-chair stirs up controversy - National Newswatch

July 24 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Study shows ovarian ailments under-researched and underfunded compared to testicular ailments  (Part 1 Part 2) - CBC Radio One (CBK)

July 21 - Bruce Lanphear
Pesticide regulators say it could be exposing Canadians to harmful chemicals at unsafe levels - CJPE

July 20 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
OpEd: Billionaires who want to improve Canadians' health should donate smarter - The StarPhoenix

July 20 - Bruce Lanphear
(French) Health Canada scientific advisor resigns over lack of pesticide transparency - Ici Radio-Canada

July 20 - Bruce Lanphear
Co-chair of Health Canada Scientific Advisory Committee steps down following pesticide control concerns - CityNews

July 20 - Bruce Lanphear
« C’est sûr qu’on va vouloir des actions » - La Presse

July 20 - Bruce Lanphear
L’industrie des pesticides a trop d’emprise sur Santé Canada, dit le NPD - Ici Radio-Canada

July 20 - Bruce Lanphear
Recent resignations suggest industry has too much sway with Health Canada: NDP - CTV News

July 19 - Bruce Lanphear
Health Canada council co-chair resigns over lack of pesticide transparency (Part 1  |  Part 2) - CIWW

July 19 - Bruce Lanphear
(French) Co-chair of Health Canada's scientific advisory council resigns over pesticide opacity - 98.5 FM CHMP

July 19 - Bruce Lanphear
La démission d’un scientifique inquiète le ministre Lamontagne - La Presse

July 18 - Bruce Lanphear
Un conseiller scientifique sur les pesticides claque la porte - La Presse

July 18 - Bruce Lanphear
Pesticides : démission « révélatrice » d’un scientifique nommé par Ottawa - Ici Radio-Canada

July 18 - Bruce Lanphear
Health Canada pest control adviser steps down, says regulation ‘obsolete' - Global News

July 14 - Bruce Lanphear
EPA moves to reduce childhood exposure to lead-based paint dust - The Chattanooga Times Free Press

July 13 - Bruce Lanphear
EPA moves to reduce childhood exposure to lead-based paint dust - The Boston Globe

July 11 - Ryan Allen
Canada wildfires break records in area burned, evacuations, cost - Philippines Inquirer

July 7 - Julian Somers
Julian Somers talks with Alex Pierson about safe supply - CFMJ

July 7 - Ryan Allen
Wildfires in Canada have broken records for area burned, evacuations and cost, official says - The Weather Channel

July 5 - Julian Somers
OpEd: Our study found ‘safe supply’ isn’t safe. We were smeared for our work - National Post

July 4 - Scott Lear
How exercise can help prevent and treat mild to moderate mental illness? (Part 1  |  Part 2) - AM 800 CKLW

June 28 - Julian Somers
What is recidivism and how can it be treated? (Part 1  |  Part 2) - CBC Radio One

June 28 - Kelley Lee
Critical pandemic lessons: prioritise public good over private profits - Croaky Health Media

June 28 - Travis Salway
How conversion therapy is still being practiced in Canada, one year after its' ban - 630 CHED

June 28 - Tim Takaro (Professor Emeritus) 
Experts push back on Woodfibre LNG's flaring claims - Vancouver is Awesome

June 25 - Travis Salway
Ideology underpinning conversion therapy has foothold despite ban: LGBTQ2S+ advocates - CTVNews

June 21 - Tim Takaro (Professor Emeritus)
Experts push back on Woodfibre LNG's flaring claims - Bowen Island Undercurrent

June 19 - Bohdan Nosyk
How much does opioid treatment cost? - CKNW

June 16 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
OpEd: Health care can learn how to improve from the NBA - The StarPhoenix

June 15 - Tim Takaro (Professor Emeritus)
In B.C.’s bone-dry northeast, what happens when wildfires and fracking collide? - The Narwhal 

June 13 - Kiffer Card
Syphyllis rates are on the rise among young people - CBC Radio One   

June 9 - Tim Takaro (Professor Emeritus)
Greens call for pause on Woodfibre LNG plans after potential risks to pregnant women come to light - The Squamish Chief        

June 6 - Julian Somers
Health scientist calls for more community-based housing instead of SROs - AM 1150 NewsTalk 

June 5 - Julian Somers
Looking at the B.C. government approach to drug policy - CKNW

June 5 - Kiffer Card
For teens who drink and do drugs, here's how to reduce the harm - Vancouver is Awesome

June 2 - Jeremy Snyder
Daniel Penny's GiveSendGo campaign: Crowdfunding primarily benefits the most privileged - The Winnipeg Free Press

June 2 - Kiffer Card
For teens who drink and do drugs, here's how to reduce the harm - Yahoo! Life

June 1 - Jeremy Snyder
Daniel Penny's GiveSendGo campaign: Crowdfunding primarily benefits the most privileged - Yahoo! Life

May 31 - Canadian Drug Policy Coalition
Adding up the billions of government dollars directed at Canada's opioid crisis - Vancouver is Awesome

May 30 - Scott Lear
OpEd: Exercise can help prevent and treat mental health problems, and taking it outside adds another boost to those benefits - Daily Maverick

May 30 - Alya Govorchin (MSc candidate)
Experts called forced treatment for drug users a violent practice (Part 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3  |  Part 4) - 630 CHED

May 30 - Scott Lear
How exercise can prevent and treat some mental health problems (Part 1  |  Part 2) - CKLW

May 27 - Lyana Patrick, Tyson Singh Kelsall, Alya Govorchin
OpEd: In B.C., Alberta and around the world, forcing drug users into treatment is a violent policy - Salon

May 26 - Lyana Patrick, Tyson Singh Kelsall, Alya Govorchin
OpEd: In B.C., Alberta and around the world, forcing drug users into treatment is a violent policy - The Conversation Canada

May 19 - Julian Somers
OpEd: Liberal rely on poor quality research to defend safer supply - National Post

May 19 - Julian Somers
A growing number of magic mushroom dispensaries are opening across Canada  - CBC Radio One

May 19 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
How AI and ChatGPT can impact the healthcare industry - CBC Radio One

May 18 - Julian Somers
Poilievre and Bennett clash in House of Commons over safe supply - Radio NL

May 18 - Charlotte Wadell (Professor Emeritus)
Darpan's 10 with Charlotte Wadell, Diretor of Childen's Health Policy Centre at SFU - Darpan Magazine 

May 18 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
NDP would review private health contracts if elected, candidate says - CBC 

May 18 - Kiffer Card
Reduce your daily stress by doing these 4 things, from mind and body experts - Newsweek

May 17 - Scott Lear
OpEd: Exercise has the power to help prevent and treat depression -- research proves it - The Vancouver Sun

May 15 - Kelley Lee and Julianne Piper
Learning from COVID-19: The global health emergency has ended. Here's what is needed to prepare for the next one - Yahoo! Canada

May 12 - Kiffer Card
The crucial importance of social connection in our well-being (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4) - 630 CHED

May 12 - Julian Somers
The fall-out of BC Housing audit continues - CFAX 1070

May 11 - Kiffer Card
Could public health guidelines help stop loneliness? 7 tips that show how crucial social connction is to well-being - Yahoo! News Canada

May 11 - Scott Lear
Exercise can help prevent and treat mental health problems, and taking it outside boosts benefits - News24

May 11 - Elizabeth King
Middle-aged women with HIV don't need a partner to be sexually satisfied, study affirms -

May 11 - Julian Somers
Examining the state of B.C. Housing and SROs (Part 1  | Part 2)- News Talk 980

May 11 - Kiffer Card
Lovin' the one you're with: Getting up close with a sunggle event in Halifax - Halifax Examiner

May 9 - Brian Conway (adjunct)
May 11 is Viral Hepatitis Elimination Day - NewsTalk 980

May 9 - Julian Somers
'Worst of community-based housing': B.C. psychologist slams SRO model - Global News

May 9 - Julian Somers
Drug fail: The Liberal government's 'safer supply' is fuelling a new opioid crisis - National Post

May 8 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
OpEd: Family health teams should be something all Albertans can get behind - Calgary Herald

May 8 - Hasina Samji
Strategies for improving B.C. youths' mental health after COVID-19: report - Burnaby Now

May 4 - Scott Lear
OpEd: Exercise can help prevent and treat mental health problems - The South African

May 4 - Martha Gumprich (MSc candidate)
Non-binary youth and team sports - CBC Prince Edward Island

May 3 - Scott Lear
OpEd: Exercise can help prevent and treat mental health problems, and taking it outside adds another boost to those benefits - Yahoo! News Canada

May 2 - Hasina Samji
New report analyzes mental health during COVID-19 pandemic (Part 1  |  Part 2) - CBC Radio One

April 28 - Julian Somers
BC, the Wild West of psilocybin, has magic mushroom options for everyone - Vancouver Sun

April 26 - Meghan Winters
'This would make a lot of sense': City councillor believes 'pedestrian scramble' could help solve safety issues at busy intersections - CTV News

April 25 - Faculty of Health Sciences
Canadian CRE ramping up support of life science sector - The Real Estate News Exchange

April 25 - Amanda Butler (alumnus) 
Researchers say recent violent cases show that mental health treatment is necessary early in mental illness - City News 1130

April 25 - Meghan Winters
Vancouver will consider changing the way you cross the street - City News

April 24 - Kelley Lee
OpEd: The WHO's international pandemic treaty: Meaningful public engagement must inform Canada's negotiations - Yahoo! News Canada

April 24 - Kiffer Card
"Climate anxiety" being researched as new branch of anxiety - AM 1150 Talk News

April 21 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
OpEd: Violations of Canada Health Act undermining medicare - Saskatoon StarPhoenix

April 20 - Meghan Winters
Research shows the impact of cycling infrastructure on cities across Canada - CFAX

April 20 - Kiffer Card
The impact of extreme weather on mental health - CTV Two 

April 19 - Julian Somers
BC government intervenes in fight over Kitsilano supportive housing development - CKNW

April 17 - Julian Somers
The city's removal of personal belongings dehumanizes people experiencing homelessness - CBC Vancouver (radio)

April 13 - Julian Somers
People experiencing homelessness left without adequate housing options - CBC Vancouver (radio)

April 12 - Anne-Marie Nicol
Kelowna oncologist diagnosed with lung cancer encourages radon testing in homes - Kelowna Now

April 6 - Charlotte Waddell and Christine Schwartz 
Report calls on B.C. to fully fund mental health screening for neurodivergent children - Surrey Now-Leader

April 3 - Kate Hosford (PhD candidate)
Report aims to help make walking to school easier, safer in Metro Vancouver - Vancouver Sun

April 3 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Is Ottawa moving forward on pharmacare plan? Here’s what to know - Global News

March 29 - Amanda Butler (alumnus)
Addressing increase in random attack crimes:  Part 1  |  Part 2 - Newstalk 770

March 28 - Anne-Marie Nicol
FVRL adds radon gas and thermal leak detectors to lending collection - Langley Advance Times

March 27 - Tyson Singh Kelsall (PhD candidate) 
Legal group in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside cautions B.C. against involuntary care - The Globe and Mail

March 24 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
'Notoriously untransparent': Sask. budget to reduce surgery backlog has no plan behind it, expert says - CTV News Saskatoon

March 23 - Julian Somers
OpEd: Will B.C.'s promises heal the gaping wounds in our mental health and addictions services? - Vancouver Sun

March 17 - Bruce Lanphear
Jersey blood donation a 'priority' for PFAS panel -

March 17 - Julian Somers
Nanaimo protesters vent frustration with crime after shooting at encampment -

March 16 - CGSHE researchers
'A huge barrier for newcomers': Universality of B.C.'s health care questioned - Vancouver Sun

March 14 - Kiffer Card
Op-Ed: The many benefits of booze that the scolds ignore - Financial Post

March 13 - Bruce Lanphear
Water in Many Schools Isn’t Safe to Drink. Here’s What Districts Can Do - Education Week

March 10 - CARMHA
Research casts doubt on toxic drug crisis in construction: BCCSA - Journal of Commerce

March 8 - Julian Somers
Safe supply of drugs (Part 2, Part 3) - RadioNL 

March 7 - Julian Somers
Social and community reintegration (Part 2) - NewsTalk 980

March 6 - Julian Somers
Supporting individuals with mental health and addictions challenges (Part 2) - NewsTalk 980

March 2 - Julian Somers
More than 80 prescription labels found near downtown Nanaimo pharmacy - CHEK News

March 1 - Nicole Luongo, CDPC
B.C.'s $1-billion boost for mental health and addictions misses the mark, say critics - Vancouver Sun

February 22 - Lindsay Hedden
Opinion: Corporate ownership of medical clinics raises worries, including privacy - Vancouver Sun

February 21 - Bruce Lanphear
"My kids are being poisoned:" How aviators escaped America's war on lead - Politico

February 17 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Opinion: Ottawa wants its health-care dollars to make a difference. Here’s a suggestion - The StarPhoenix

February 14 - Simran Purewal and Paola Ardiles Gamboa
Opinion: Why is Canada sidelining internationally trained doctors during a healthcare crisis? - The Province 

February 14 - Tyson Singh Kelsall (PhD candidate)
2,500 days. 11,098 deaths. Welcome to the forever emergency - The Georgia Straight

February 13 - Julian Somers
Opinion: Would my dad have survived today’s mental-health system? Probably not - The Vancouver Sun

February 10 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Improving Canada's Healthcare System - CBC Radio One 540 AM

February 10 - Julian Somers
BC liberalized its drug laws. Will that stop it from being 'hell on earth'?  - The Hub

February 9 - Karen Palmer (adjunct)
Trudeau proposes 10 year healthcare plan: Part 1  |  Part 2 - CBC Radio One

February 9 - Karen Palmer (adjunct)
How the federal government uses our tax money: Part 1  |  Part 2 - Radio NL (Kamloops)

February 9 - Simran Purewal and Paola Ardiles
Pratiquer la médecine au Canada lorsque formé à l’étranger : un – incompréhensible – parcours du combattant - The Financial Post

February 9 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
Rencontre des premiers ministres : Scott Moe est « déçu » mais motivé - ICI Radio Canada

February 9 - Kiffer Card
Huron Perth  public health updates alcohol guidance following new report - Simcoe Reformer

February 7 - Kiffer Card
Opinion: Harm reduction, not zero risk, is the best alcohol policy - The Financial Post

February 6 - Steven Lewis (adjunct)
$28 billion may not be enough to fix Canada's ailing health-care system: Analyst -

February 6 - Kiffer Card
New alcohol consumption guidelines - CityNews 570

February 3 -  Kelley Lee
How is the World Health Organization funded, and why does it rely so much on Bill Gates? - Euronews

February 3 -  Julian Somers
A system of care (Part 1) - CKNW Radio

A system of care (Part 2) - CKNW Radio

February 3 -  Julian Somers
BC Liberals leader Kevin Falcon pitches $1.5B addictions treatment strategy - Daily Hive Vancouver

February 1 -  Kiffer Card
The case for alcohol's health benefits - The Tyee

February 1 -  Tim Takaro (Professor emeritus)
Land defenders build tipi along TMX construction route in 'Burnaby' - IndigiNews

January 31 -  Tyson Singh Kelsall (PhD candidate) 
Commentary: BC's upcoming illicit drug exemption is not decriminalization - The Georgia Straight

January 31 -  Julian Somers
Decriminalization debate! - CKNW Radio

January 31 -  Julian Somers
BC's drug decriminalization experiment begins today (Part 1) - CKNW Radio

BC's drug decriminalization experiment begins today (Part 2) - CKNW Radio

January 30 -  Kiffer Card, Bruce Lanphear,Tim Takaro
New B.C. doctors should be trained in 'planetary health' say experts - Pique Newsmagazine 

January 30 -  Kiffer Card
Social benefits of alcohol (Part 1) - CityNews 570

Social benefits of alcohol (Part 2) - CityNews 570

January 27 -  Kiffer Card
Low-risk alcohol consumption (Part 1) - Newstalk 770

Low-risk alcohol consumption (Part 2) - Newstalk 770

January 26 -  Kiffer Card
Canada’s new drinking guidelines don’t consider the social benefits of alcohol. But should they? - The Conversation

January 23 -  Kelley Lee
How bad is China's COVID crisis and should the rest of the world be worried? - South China Morning Post

January 23 - Julian Somers
Decriminalization of illicit drugs in effect end of January - CBC Radio One

January 20 -  Alison Andrews-Paul (alumnus)
Four SFU Red Leafs chosen as finalists for Sport BC Athlete of the Year awards - Burnaby Now

January 19 -  Scott Lear
Global study identifies neighbourhood characteristics that promote walking and cycling - Drishti Magazine

January 19 -  Kelley Lee
Advancing the commercial determinants of health agenda - The Lancet

January 19 -  Steven Lewis (adjunct)
OpEd: This one commitment would revolutionize health care - Saskatoon StarPhoenix

January 17 - Julian Somers
Campaign for safe supply of Drugs (Part 1) - CKNW Radio

Campaign for safe supply of Drugs (Part 2) - CKNW Radio

Campaign for safe supply of Drugs (Part 3) - CKNW Radio

January 16 - Jennifer Fang, Julianne Piper, Kelley Lee
B.C. to decriminalize possession of 2.5 grams of illicit substances by end of January - The Conversation

January 16 - Julian Somers
B.C. to decriminalize possession of 2.5 grams of illicit substances by end of January - CBC News Network

January 11 - Scott Lear
Study identifies neighbourhood characteristics that promote walking & cycling (Part 1) - CKNW Radio

Study identifies neighbourhood characteristics that promote walking & cycling (Part 2) - CKNW Radio

January 11 - Scott Lear
What makes a neighbourhood suitable for walking and cycling? - CBC Radio

January 9 - Julianne Piper
China reopens border amidst COVID surge - CTV Two Terrace

January 9 - Julian Somers
SFU professor claims Victoria ordered database destroyed - Global News

January 9 - Julian Somers
ROTHENBURGER: There’s a proven alternative to warehousing the homeless - CFJC-TV

January 9 - Julian Somers, Tyson Singh Kelsall
The National Post Claims an Academic Was ‘Censored’ For Criticizing BC’s ‘Safe Supply’ Policy. That’s Not Quite Accurate - Press Progress

January 5 - Kiffer Card
New B.C. doctors should be trained in 'planetary health,' say experts - Vancouver is Awesome   

January 3 - Julian Somers
Analyzing drug addiction, mental illness and homelessness (PART I) and (PART II) - Newstalk 770 CHQR  

January 3 - Kelley Lee
Surge in Covid-19 cases in China (PART I) and (PART II)- Newstalk 980 CKNW  

January 2 - Kelley Lee
Air travellers from China, Hong Kong or Macao will have to show a negative COVID test before boarding flights to Canada - CBC The Early Edition

January 2 - Julian Somers
Adam Zivo: The silencing of drug addiction experts who criticize 'safe supply' - National Post

January 2 - Julian Somers
B.C. advocates say more action needed as province set to embark on drug decriminalization pilot - CTV News